Film Final Exam

Who was Man Ray?

American Photographerfilm collagesassociated with Avant Gard movement in ParisMost famous film - "Return to Reason

Characteristics of screwball comedy.Films

Subgenre of comedySlapstick hummor and witty dialogue"It Happened one Night""His Girl Friday

What is neorealism?

A cultural movement that brings elements of true life in the stories it describes, rather than a world mainly existing in imagination only."Bicycle Theives" - Desica

Who is the father of Italian neorealism? What 3 things did his manifesto include?

Zavattini1. No professional actors2. No contrapt plots3. No on location shooting

What are the Japanese genres?

Jidai-geki: historical filmsChambara: swordfight moviesGendi-geki: contemporary storiesShomin-geki: ordinary daily life

Who was the most well known Japanese director? His notable film?

Ozu"Late Spring

What do Japanese films focus on?

Family crisisExplore dramatic issuesResignation to life's painful challengesExploration of everyday life

1st black director

The Learning Tree

Why is "Shaft" important?

First Blacksploitation studio produced film

What is blacksploitation?

The portrayal of blacks and their stereotypes on the bigscreen

What is film noir?

Stylish Hollywood crime dramas, particularly those that emphasize cynical attitudes and sexual motivations.Setting: urban, cityMotivates characters: greed, ambition

What is a femme fatal?

A strong independent woman characterProtrayed during WWII era moviesBased on anxiety about women's roles after war

Characteristics of German Expressionism.

Against physical realismInter emotional realityMise en sceneStylized setsUn-natural acting styleChiaroscuro lighting - light to darkLong shotsSlowly paced editingFramed stories

What is mise-en-scene?

Everything on the screen that gives meaningEx:ClothingMake-upLightingSetting

What are Solanos and Gentino known for?

The third cinema manifesto"Towards a Third Cinema"Said that: third cinema is a cinema of national or cultural self - deifnition"Hour of the Furnace

What are characteristics of third cinema?

Told new stories in a different wayOutside standard systems of productionNon- CHC norms (non-linear, collectives instead of individuals)Social or political commentaryAssociated with underdeveloped emerging nations but not restricted to 3rd world

First cinema, Second cinema, Third cinema

HollywoodEACCinema of national or cultural self-definition

What is Avant Garde?

ExperimentationCreation of new formsManipulation of shapes and colorsUnique comparisons and combinationsNot external reality; visual sensationDepiction of subconscienceFantasy

What is magical realism?

Reality and fantasy together

What cinema is magical realism associated with? Give an example of film.

Latin America cinema"Pan's Labyrinth

Characteristics of post-war Hindi films.

Complete spectacle Romantic or sentimental main plotComic subplotHappy endingAverage 6 songs; 3 dances per film

What are characteristics associated with Robert Drew?

Drew and AssociatesWay of telling dramatic storiesCrisis structureHigh stakes situationsArises viewers emotions

Sherman's March

DocumentaryDirector focuses on getting truthful responses

Nanook of the North

Robert FlahertyDocementary on Inuit Family

George Franju

SurrealistCo-founder of cinemathuque francaiseTaboo material; social violenceTheatre of crueltyAesthetic of the horror"Blood of the Beasts

Characteristics of left bank directors.

ArtistsArtisticIntellectualTrainedStarted with documentariesActivists

Characteristics of right bank directors. (cahiers du cinema)

ConservativeMoneyFilm critics

Nouvelle Vague

Journal that started French New Wave

Significance of "The Graduate

Hollywood rebirth filmDealing with inner-generation sex and romance