Patho 3

What percent of ATP depletion leads to changes in neurologic cortical signs? (p.1)

55% ATP depletion

Neurological cortical signs(5)


At what temperature does brain cell death occur due to ATP depletion? (p.3)

106 degrees Fahrenheit

In terms of time frame, when does a seizure become a medical emergency? (p.3)

20-30 minutesrapid ATP depletion

Review changes in blood flow during a seizure (increased or decreased). (p.2)

Seizure activity = rapid ATP depletionIncrease in CBF 250-300% to meet metabolic demands of seizure activity

What is the primary energy source for brain function? (p.1)

Glucose - converted to ATP

What effect does increase in BP have on diameter of cerebral arteries? (p.6)

VasoconstrictionIncrease systemic arterial pressure or ICPPrevents hyperemic flow state

What effect does decreased BP have on the diameter of cerebral arteries? (p.6)

VasodilationProtects brain from subflow state and subsequent infarction

Metabolic factors affecting brain's ability to auto-regulate. (p.7)

Increased PaCO2Decreased PaO2Brain injuryIntracranial bleeding

Pressure changes affecting brain's ability to auto-regulate (p.7)

Cerebral vasodilatory drugsChange in MAPIncreased ICP >35 mmHg longer than 20-30 minutes Change in CPP

Normal CPP range

50 - 150 mmHg

Average CPP

80 - 100 mmHg

CPP < 50


CPP > 150


CPP < 30

Incompatible with life