Connective tissue

common muscle probs in DM and PM

PROXIMAL muscle weakness dysphoniaSOBdysphagia

Skin signs in dermatomyositis

purple heliotrope rash on eyelidsgottron's papules - rough patch on elbows and knucklesmechanics hands - painful, cracked palm skin

describe colour changes in raynauds and explain why happen

white - ischaemiablue - venous congestion, cyanosisred - reactive hyperaemiaCOLD WEATHER and emotional precipitant

give 3 features that distinguish diffuse from limited systemic sclerosis and which antibody

lung fibrosis (not pulm HTN)renal diseasecardiac disease anti topo isomerase Ab and anti RNA polymerase

features of limited systemic sclerosis and which Ab

CREST calcinosisraynaudsoesophageal dysmotilitysclerodactylytelangiectasiapulm HTN anti centromere Ab

2 first line Inv for diffuse sys sc and one treatment

U&E - for renal diseaseCXR - pulm fibrosisRx: cyclophosphamide iv (SE haemorrhagic cystitis)

What are mechanics hands and which disease assoc

dry cracked palms in dermatomyositis

What are Gottren's papules and which disease assoc?

Red elbow and knuckle rash, dermatomyositis

What is heliotrope rash and which disease assoc?

purple rash on eyelids, Dermatomyositis

first investigation and treatment for dermatomyositis

inv: CKTreatment: oral prednisolone

Why do you get dental caries and parotid swelling in Sjogren's?

dental caries due to xerostomaparotid swelling as salivary glands are sclerosed, to compensate the parotids hypertrophy

Give 2 examples of large vessel vasculitis

Giant cell arteritisTakayasu's arteritis - aortic arch syndrome. get brain, eye, upper limb and systemic symptoms. get aneurysm due to inflammation of artery

2 examples of medium size vasculitis

PAN polyarteritis nodosaKawasaki disease

Small vessel vasculitis

Wegener's granulomatosisChurg StraussHenoch Schonlein PurpuraGoodpasture's syndromeMicroscopic polyangitis