Branches of the External Carotid Arteries

�Superior ThyroidLingual �Facial �Occipital �Posterior Auricular �Superficial Temporal �Maxillary

Blood flow to brain

Vertebral aBasilar a Posterior Cerebral aPosterior Communicating aIntercal CaratiodMiddle CerebralAnterior CerebralAnterior Communication



Venous drainage

Superior saggital sinusInferior Saggital SinusStraight Sinus Confluence of SinusesSigmoid sinusInternal Jugular v

blood vessels of lower extremity

Common iliac aExternal iliac aFermoral aDeep thigh aPoplitealGreat and lesser saphenousFemoral vpopliteal

Blood Vessels of the Upper Extremities

Arterial: �Subclavian a. �Axillary a. �Brachial a. �Radial a. and Ulnar a. �Superficial and Deep Palmar Arches Deep Veins: Palmer Arches �Radial vein �Ulnar vein �Brachial vein �Deep and Superficial �Axillary vein �Subclavian vein �Superficial Veins: �Basilic Vein �Cephalic Vein �Median cubital vein �Median vein of the forearm

Internal Anatomy of the Heart

Right Autrim auricle pectinate muscles fossa ovalis criste terminalis Right Ventricle chordae tendineae papillary muscles trabalea corneae

Blood Flow Through Chambers

SVC-right atruim-tricuspid valve-right ventricle-pulmonary semilunar valve-pulmonary trunk-lungs-pulmonary veins-left atrium-bicuspid valve-left ventricle-aortic valve-aorta-body


palatine - posterior to mouth, lateral pharyngeal walllingual - posterior suface of the tonugepharyngeal - pharyngeal rooftubal - behind the openings of the pharyngotympanic tubes into the pharynx

Ligaments of the Female Repro. Sys.

Broad Ligament - (Mesosalpinx, mesovarium, and mesometrium)Suspensory ligamentOvarian LigamentRound Ligament


condition where thyroid gland is enlarged because there is not enough idoine however TSH from hypothlamous is still being produced

Master of the Endocrine System

pituitary gland

Endocrine Glands are comprised mostly of what type of tissue?

epithelial tissue

Endocrine system is under control of

autonomic nervous system

Proper name of pituitary gland


Pituitary gland sits in the

Hypophyseal Fossa is the depression in the Selle Tursica

2 sections of the pituitary gland

anterior - Adenohypophysis - produces hormonesposterior - Neurohypophysis - secretes hormones

Thyroid Gland

2 hormonesthyroid hormone (Thyroxine) - Main function is to increase Basal Metabolic Rate- the rate at which oxygen is used to turn nutrients into energyCalcatonin - owers high blood levels of Ca2+ by slowing the activity of osteoclasts and increasing calcium secretion by the kidney