Death and Dying Review

What are 5 signs of complicated mourning?

1) persistant grief, 2) sever and sustained depression, 3) abuse and/pr sucidial thoughts, 4) attempts to deny, repress, or avoid 5) attemps to avoid accepting the death

What were Drolet's finding regarding correlations of symbolic immortality?

Symbolic immortality is postively correlated with age and the belife you have life a purposful life. Its negatively correlated with death anxiety.

What are the 6 realms depicted in the Tibetan Wheel of Life?

1) The world of Devas (gods), 2) The world of Asuras (demi-gods), 3)The world of humans, 4) The world animals, 5) The world of Pretas (hungry ghost), 6) The world of hells

What are Lifton's 5 modes of symbolic immortality?

1) spiritual, 2) creative, 3) biosocial, 4) natural, and 5) transcendent

What were Dechesne et al findings regarding literal immortality and effects of mortality salience?

He found that the belief in an after life negated self-esteem striving and worldview defense; proving that the belief in an after-life prevents death anxiety.

What are teh 4 steps in Worden's model of grief?

1) Accept the reality, 2) Work through the pain, 3) Adjust to the change, 4) Emotionally move on

What are 4 dimensions affecting historical attitiudes?

1) Awarenss of the individual, 2) Defense of society against untamed nature, 3) Belief in the after-life, 4) Belief in the existence of evil.

What are 5 attitudes measured by the Death Attitude Profile Revised?

1) Fear of death, 2) Death avoidance, 3) Neutral acceptance, 4) Escape acceptance, 5) Approach acceptance

What are the 6 R's of the mourning process described by Rando?

1) Recognize the loss, 2) React to the separation, 3) Recollect the deceased and the relationship, 4) Relinquish old attachments to the deceased, 5) Readjust adaptively into a new world without forgetting the old, 6) Reinvest