Medium Roasts


Roasty Aroma.Spicy, floral Flavor.Very Low Acidity.Medium BodyBright, Tangy Finish.


-For those who like a Sweeter, Caramel flavorCaramel, Sweet Aroma.Fruity, Earthy, Smooth Flavor.Low Acidity.Medium Body.Smooth, Rounded Finish.


-Recommended for 1st time customers-Our house blend-Philz first blendRoasty, Nutty, Aroma.Smooth, Nutty, Toasty, Rich Flavor. Very Low Acidity.Full Body.Rounded, Clean Finish.


-For those whou like both strong flavor and high in caffeine Sweet, Earthy Aroma.Caramelly, Sweet, Oaky Flavor.Low Acidiy.Medium/Full Body.Earthy, Sweet, Sharp Finish.

7 Stars

Sweet Aroma.Earthy, Clean, Sweet, Chocolatey Flavor.Medium/Low Acidity.Medium Body.Smooth, Robust Finish.

Silken Splendor

-One of out smoothest coffees Medium/Dark Roast.Nutty, Buttery Aroma.Winey, Sweet, Chocolatey Flavor.Medium/Low Acidity.Full Body.Complex, Smooth, Winey Finish.

Philtered Soul

-for those who like Sweet or flavored coffeeMedium/Dark Roast.Sweet, Hazelnut Aroma.Nutty, Chocolatey, Sweet Flavor.Medium/Low Acidity.Robust Body.Nutty, Tangy, Toasty Finish.