Service Design Process

Service Catalog MgtService Level MgtAvailability MgtCapacity MgtIT Service Continuity MgtInformation Security MgtSupplier Mgt

Service Design - 5 Aspects

Service SolutionsService Management, Systems & ToolsTech & Mgt, Arch & ToolsProcessMeasurement systems, methods & metrics

Service Design Key Concepts

Service Design PkgDelivery ModelsSLAOLAUnderpinning Contract

Definition of Service

Create ValueReduce Costs / Increase productivityFacilitate Outcomes

Definition of Service Management

Capabilities which include:Process FunctionRole

What is a Process

Set of Activities designed to accomplish an ObjectiveTakes defined inputs => OutputsIncludes roles, responsibilites, tools & mgt controls

What are the 4 characteristics of a process

MDRRMeasureableDelivers specific ResultResults to Customer and StakeholdersResponds to specific events

Definition of Functions

Units of Organization specialized to perform certain types of work and responsible for specific OutcomesProvides the resources and tools neededSTIA - stop taking it Asshol Service Desk, Tech Mgt, Incident Mgt and Application Mgt

Definition of a Role

A set of responsibilities, activities and authorities granted to a person or team.Defines responsibilitiy & authorities

Service Operations Purpose

Day to Day activities Ongong mgt of Techology to deliver servicesDev & Mgt SLAsWhere value is deliveredExecute & measure all plans and designsMonitor performance / assess metrics

Services Operations Functions

Service DeskTechnical MgtIT Operations MgtApplication MgtSTIAOperations(s) - team/peopleOperation - lifecycle 5 process/4 functions

Service Operations - Process

Event MgtIncident MgtRequest FulfillmentProblem MgtAccess MgtEIRPA - Ed is really pissed again

Service Operations - Event Mgt Objectives

DetectMake SenseDetermine Appropiate control ActivitiesBasis for operational monitoring and control

Service Operation - Definition of Event

Event - a change of state that has Significance for the management of a CI or IT service

Services Operations Definition of Event Mgt

Process for managing events throughout their lifecycle

Service Operations - Alerts

Warning threshold reached, change or failure

Services Operation - 3 event types

Exception - Incident, Problem, ChangeWarning - Alert, Auto response...Human touchInfo - Log

Services Operation - Definition of Incident

Unplanned interruption or reduction in IT servicesAny event which could affect and IT service in the furture

Service Operations Incident Mgt - Timescales

Based on resolution targets, SLAs and underpinning contracts

Service Operations Incident Mgt - Models

Steps taken to handle incidentsChronological orderResponsbilities - who does what

Service Operation Incident management - Major Incidents

Seperate procedure shorter timescale & greater urgency

Service Operations - Incident Management Activities

IdentificationloggingcategorizationprioritizationInitial DiagsEscalationInvestigation & DiagsResolution and RecordClosureOwnership stays with the Service Desk

Services Operation - Incident Management impact, Urgency and Priority

Impact - measure effect of incidentUrgency - measure how long it will be until significent impactPriority - catagory used to identify importance

Service Operations - Incident mgt Interfaces

Problem MgtService Asset & ConfigurationChange MgtCapacity MgtAvailablity MgtService Level MgtEvent Mgt

Service Operation - Request Fulfillment Objectives

To provide a channel to request & recieve std services (predefined approval & qualifcation)Provide info to users about availability and process to obtain themSource and deliver components for std services - software licensesAssist with general info complaints or comments

Service Operation Request fulfillment Basic Concepts

Service request - a request for info or advice or a Std Change - password resetRequest Model - pre-defined process flow showing the stages needed to deal with the request - delivery of a desktop application

Service Operation - Problem Mgt Objectives

Prevent problems and resulting incidents form happeningEliminate recurring incidentsMin ithe impact of incidents that cannot be prevented

Problem Mgt Concepts - Definition of a Problem

The cause of one or more incidents

Problem Management - Problem Models

Defined set of steps to handle the problem...will vary

Problem Management - Workaround

A tempory way of overcomming the difficulty

Problem Management Know Error

Record logged in the know error db

Problem Management - Know Error DB

Storage of previous knowledge of incidents and problems

Problem Management - Reactive problem Mgt

Resolution of underlying causesCovered in Service Operation

Problem Management - Pro-Active Management

Trend Analysis of incidents to identify problemsGenerally undertaken as part of the CSI

Difference between Incident, Problem and Know Error

Incident - loss or reduction of servicesProblem - cause of 1 or more incidentsKnow Error - has a workaround associated with errors

Problem Management - Reactive process

DetectionLoggingCategorizationPrioritizationInvestigation & DiagsWorkarounds - prob mgt ownsRaising know Error recordResolutionClosureMajor Problem Review

Problem Management - Interfaces

Incident MgtChange MgtService asset & configurationRelease and DeployAvailability mgtCapacity MgtIT Services Continuity MgtService level MgtFinancial Mgt

Access Mgt Objectives

Granting authorized users rightsPrevent access by non authorized usersAccess mgt implementation and enforcement of securty policiesEnforcement only does not define policies

Access Management - Concepts

AccessIdentifyRightsService or Service GroupsDirectory Services

Service Operation - Functions - Service Desk

Primary point of contactDeals with all users, incidents, Request and changeCoordinates action across IT org

Service Desk Options

Local CentralizedVirturalFollow the SunSpecialized groups

Service Desk Objective

Logging and Categorizing incidents, service requests and soem catorgry of change1st line of investigation and diagEsclationCommunicationClosing incident and service requestsCustomer SATUpd the CMS if agreed

Technical Management

Custodians of the technical knowlege and expertise related to management of IT infrastructureProvide actual resources to supporPerform many service mgt activitiesExecute most ITSM process

IT Operations Management Objectives

Maintain Status Quo - StabilityIdentify opportunities ot ImplInital diag and resolution of operation incidents

Application Management Objectives

Well designed resilent cost effectiveensuring availability of functionalityMaintain operational ApplicationSupport during app failure