Chapter 10

1963 equal pay act

prohibits unequal for men and women who perform equal work

comparable worth

equal pay for different jobs of equal worth

1978 Pregnancy Discrimination Act

pregnancy is a disability

1974 employee retirement income security act

protects private pension programs from mismanagement

employment at will

an employee may be terminated for any reason

fair labor standards act

exempt or nonexempt

1964 Civil Rights Act

prohibits discriminations (sex, color, race, nation origin, religion)

Title VII of the civil rights act

prohibits discrimination in recruiting, hiring, discharge, promotion, compensation

1990 americans with disabilities act

can't discriminate against people with disabilities

1991 Civil Rights Act

strengthened protections and permitted punitive damages to be imposed on violators

Adverse Act

seemingly neutral employment practice has a disproportionately negative effect on a group

Age discrimination act

discrimination over age 40

worker adjustment and retraining notification act

requires 60 days advance warning of plant closings or massive layoffs


concentrate on rewarding employees for increasing productivity or saving money in areas under their direct control

Profit-Sharing employees

implemented in the division or organization as a whole

merit pay system

objective measures are not available but still wants to base pay on performance

National Labor Relations Act