Drugs and Marajuana Exam 2

John Walters

drug czar in 2002 under bush admin; supported the idea that marajuana was agateway drug; focused on marajuana including medical rather than more harmful drugs

Don Berna

paramilitary commander who ran his drug trade from prison in Columbia

Plan Columbia

US got involved in Columbian civil war and drugs hoping to stop it from spreading to the US. It was not successful according to the CIA and spent $1/2 trillion

Felix Gallardo

controlled mexican drug cartels near the border

Vicente Fox

president in Mexico who tried to turn things around by busting bad cops like the Zetas who joined the drug cartels


former military soldiers join drug cartels

Chen Ye Gon

Pham exec from China found with $2 million cash in a house and arrested in Mexico

Highpoint, NC actions against drugs

changed the marketing of drugs by going after demand not supply by getting users treatment or jail if they could not stop.

El Chappo" (Loera)

a wanted and rich folkhero in Mexico led relatively stable narco regime

Merida Initiative

Us sent $1.6 million aid to Mexico to combat drug cartels but it only empowered them

states legalizing medicinal marajuana


Marajuana revenue total in US

$35.8 billion

Number of people currently in jail for violating marajuana laws


Legal history of marajuana

1619 - Hemp legalized1930s - criminalized by Anslinger1960s - decriminalized1970s - recriminalized2010 - possibly decriminalized

reefer madness

gov propaganda showing how marajuana intrudes on white american life


first gov. drug czar; fueled outlawing (29 states) with anti immigration sentiments

Marajuana Tax Act

1937 criminalized marajuana possession

truth drugs

1940s US gov. researched used of LSD

shift in focus 1960s

from strict criminal justice to public health

Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act

1970; differentiates marajuana and lessened penalties

National Commission on Marajuana and Drug Abuse

1972; Nixon recommends decriminalizing marajuana but caves to extreme right winger to pursue student radicals, blacks and native americans

A Backyard Barbecue

parents responded to daughter's bday party where there was marajuana; form social movement organization like Nosy Parents Association; led to recriminalization in the 1970s

shift in focus 1970s

from public health to moral

Federal Laws: marajuana

currently illegal; Schedule 1 Controlled Substance

forfeiture statutes

gov can seize property, money... if involved in drug trade and informants can keep up to 25%

mandatory minimum sentences

set by congress and decided on by Fed. judge; if someone is caught with a certain amount of drugs, there is a minimum definite penalty they will experience unless they can cut a deal by offering up intelligence like their dealer's information

Sentencing Commission


Anti Drug Abuse Act

1986 inacted mandatory minimums

Prop 215

Californian law legalized medical marajuana

Emerald Triangle

remote area of Northern Calif. including Mendocine, Humboldt, TRinity, where larger growers organized crime and individuals grow nearly 2/3 of the economy

green rush

rush to california to grow marajuana.

stoner culture

one of the biggest obstacles in legitimizing medical marajuana

El Chappo's "golden kilogram

refers to El Chappos paying off police to get out of jail

Gil Kerlikowske

current US drug czar