spanish phrases

?como te llamas?

what is you name

me llamo

my name is

buenos dias

good morning

buenas tardes

good afternoon

buenos noches

good evening

hasta leugo

see you later

hasta manana (accent on first n)

see you tomorrow

hasta pronto

see you soon

?como estas?

how are you

?que tal?

how's it going

estoy bienmalmas o meno

im goodbadso-so

mucho gusto

nice to meet you

ella es mi mejor amiga

she is my best friend

soy de lexingotn

i'm from lexington

?que fecha es hoy?

what's todays date

?de donde eres?

where are you from

ella es estudiante

she is a student

?cuantos anos tienes? tengo quince anos

how old are you i'm 15 years old

?te gusta?me gusta

do you like?i like

?the gusta mas...o...? me gusta mas....

do you like ... or ... more i like .... more

?que te gusta hacer?

what do you like to do?

?que quieres hacer hoy?

what do you want to do today

? cuantos?

how much?

?cual es tu materia preferida?

what's your favorite subject

tener que + infinitive

to have to do something

tener ganas de +infinitive

to feel like doing something

tener prisa

to be in a hurry

tener hambre

to be hungry

tener sed

to be thirsty


to come