behavioral approach

analyse how organisms learn new behaviors or modify exisiting one, depending on wheither events in their environments reward or punish these behaviors

cognitive approach

focuses on how we process, store, and use information and how this information influences what we attend to, perceive, learn, remember, believe, and feel.


is the systematic, scientific study of behaviors and mental processes


focuses on the measurement of peoples abilities, skills, intelligence, personality, and abnormal behavior


was the study of the most basic elements, promarily sensations and perceptions, that make up our concious mental experiements

case study

is an indepth analysis of the thoughts, fellings, beliefs, experiences, behaviors or problems of a single individual


is an association or relationship between the occurrence of two or more events

independant variable

is a treatment or somthing that the researcher controls or manipulates

random selection

means that each paticipant in a sample population has an equal chance of being selected for the experiement

scientific method

is an approach of gathering information and answering questions so that errors and biases are minimized