To advise.


Standing still; not movable.


Who is effective with sending and receiving messages?

A good verbal communicator.

By practicing good verbal communication skills, nonverbal communication skills, listening, writing, and electronic technology, you can become what?

An effective communicator.

3 examples of verbal communication?


The way you deliver a message is just as important as the message itself? (ie: please and thank yous')
True False


Anything that causes the sender or receiver not to give full attention to the message?


3 examples of Nonverbal communication?

Arm gesturesFacial expressionsHead turning

When speaking with someone always maintain what?

Eye contact

What involves hearing what the speaker is saying, but not listening with enough effort to become personally, intensely involved in what is being said?

Passive Listening.

What requires you to demonstrate listening by maintaining eye contact and providing responses to indicate that you are listening and really thinking about what is being said?

Active Listening.

The "I" in LISTEN stands for interruptions that should be avoided when becoming a better listener. Writing down every word the patient says is considered a distracter?
True False


Involving all health needs of the patient, including physical, emotional, social, economic, and spiritual needs is known as what?


A lawsuit.


Growth and development process involving a person's physical, social, and emotional functioning is what?


Harmonious relationship that considers both the physical and the emotional needs of those involved is what?


Handling patient complains effectively can maintain good relationships, meet Medicare guidelines, and reduce the risk of what?

Litigations (lawsuits)

When is it ok to alert/ interrupt a physician or office manager about an unhappy patient so they can defuse the situation?


Always inform the physician or office manager of any statements made by the patient that reflect a negative attitude?
True False


It is important to understand how to communicate effectively with patients of different cultures?
True False


Diminished mental capacity, and other physical disabilities are labled what?

Disabilities and/ or Impairments

When working with visually impaired patients what would you do before assuming they need assistance?

Ask if they require assistance.Ask what kind of assistance they need form you.

When working with the hearing impaired you should yell and shout to make sure the patient can hear you?
True False

False, never yell or shout.

Developmentally delayed patients are those who lag behind in what?