Human Sexuality notes from lecture exam II

Changing perceptions

beginning of 1900's it was condemned across the board as1. Psychologically immature2. physically dangerous to health3. spiritually a sin
Today-seen in a more postitive light1. kinsey reported that women who masturbated in htie adolescants were more likely to be able to orgasm in their marriage2. used in therapy for sexual dysfunction


a. physical symbols are goodb. physical expressions of love change as relationships changec. wise people do not get as close to their limits as possible

Oral Sex

1. Fellatio-oral stimulation of the mail genitals (both hetero and homosexual)

2. Cunnilingus- oral stimulation of the female genitals

3. "69"ing- refers to simultaneous oral sex

Oral Sex
Possible Concerns

1. In some states, Sodomy laws are so vague that they prohibit even a husband and wife from participating in oral sex

2. STDs can be transmitted thru oral sex

3. If air is blowin into the vagina, infection or worse can occur

4. During Fellatio, the gag reflex may be triggered

5. Communication is key when it comes to ejaculating into the mouth

Sexual Intercourse (coitus)
Face to Face, man above

Benefits:continued kissingeye contactmaximizes chances for pregnancyeasy insertion
problems: husband is not free to caress wifewife has less freedom to moveless ejaculatory control

Sexual intercourse
face to face, woman above

Benefits:husband has better ejaculatory controlwife has more freedom for movementcouple may maintain eye contact and kissinggreater chance of female orgasm
problems:insertion must be done propery

Sexual Intercourse
face to face, side by side

benefits:both partners have some fcreedom of movementcaressing is possibleeye contact is maintained
problems:rare for clitoral simulationmust be manually stimulatedinsertion is more difficult

Sexual intercouse
rear entry

benefits:manual clitoral stimulation is easywill stimulate g spotbetter for later stages of pregnancy
problems:lose eye contactmay be uncomfortable as animalistic

Anal Intercourse

Issues:Penetration: sphyncter muscles tensing may cayse pain unpon insertion (only use water soluable lubricant)
orgasm is possible for both partners

health issues:rectum contains bacteria that will wreak havic in vaginastds may be transferredtissue of rectum is fragile and slight tears occur

Male Sexual Anatomy

Functions:1. elimination of urine2. sexual stimulations/pleasure3. ejaculation
elements:1. 3 columns of spongy tissue2. nerve endings3. skin and blood vessals
sensitivity:a. more in the glans than in the shaftb. most sensitive area is the corona and the frenum
size and shape:-variety- flacid state: ave 2-4 inches long, 1 inch in diam.-erect state: ave 6 in long, 1.5 inches in diam.

Male Sexual Anatomy
Spongy Tissue

Allows for erection

Corpus spongiosum1. holds urethra2. underside of penis3. make up glands for the tip
corpa cavernosa1. run along top (2)2. extend along shaft

Male Sexual Anatomy

removal of the skin that covers the glans

-jews and muslims as a sign of a covenant-also egyptians and aboriginies in Australia
In the victorian age, it was used to deter masturbation

circumcision has no bearings on sensitivity

Mid 1900s- customary- health benefits (to get rid of smegma)
1975- American Pediatric Association says that circumsion should be elective and choose wisely-may not be more healthy-concerns about pain-hospital complications
Now-standard practive to use a local anesthetic- decent evidence about health benefits, including being less likely to experience a UTI

Male Sexual Anatomy

1. contains gonads/testies-skin is darker in color- wrinkly skin, sparse pubic hair- testies surrounded by muscles that can bring the testies closer to further from the body

Male Sexual Anatomy
Internal Structures

Testies1. light pressure may produce erotic sensitivity2. production of hormones- like a grapfruit. Membrane between wedges produce 95% of testosterone, while the wedges represent the seminiferous tubules which produce sperm
Epididymis-holds the sperm
Vas Deferens-brings sperm to prostate (1% of ejaculate)
Prostate-30% of ejaculate-valve system b/t urine and ejaculation-stimulation through rectum is erotic
Seminal Vesicles-70% of ejaculate

Female Sexual Anatomy
External Structure

Mons (Pubis)- fatty tissue-pubic bone-some free nerve endings
Labia1. Majora (outter)2. Minora (inner)- hood for clitoris-engorge with blood during arousal-more free nerve endings
Clitoris- mostly inside the body, only tip is visible-made up of spongy tissue that fills with blood-densist concetration of free nerve ending is the entire body

Female Sexual Anatomy
Female Genital Mutilation

What is it?1. Symbolic may nick the hood or clit2. Infibulation-removal of vulva-all scar tissue- small hole for urine and mestration, and place to tear for intercourse
why?1. associated with culture as a right of passage2. some claim health benefits3. more attractive to husband-definite virginity-lowers likelyhood of idolatry

Female Sexual Anatomy

Variety of size and shapes

Function:-production of milk- fre nerve endings for pleasure

Female Sexual Anatomy
Internal Structures

VaginaFunction:1. recieved penis and ejaculate2. passage for menstration3. birth canal4. sexual sensitivity in outter 1/3
Grafenburg spot (g spot)-upper wall straight down from pubic bone
Self cleaning organ-typically cleaner than the mouth