IR and The Sea Lecture 2/17

Nathionality of Vessels

a registered ship is a state's territoryno flag

What does it mean if your ship doesn't fly a flag?

your fair gamecharcteristically pirates

Commonly accpeted practices

warships deffered to by merchanttake care of shots length out to seerescue people

What does being on the sea mean?

lots of countries comming into contact

What are traditional sea going countries

Iberian, Berut, Great Britian

Why does the international law begin here?

establish soverignty over shipsseperates ships from great void


state must maintain registry of it's shipsstate regulatesBoarding and Seizure

What are the state regulations on ships

internal affiars of the ship - organized and runsafety at seasurvey of vessel - is it sea worthyqualified manning - people who know what they are doingcrews know maritime rules and laws

What is safety at sea

all rules for not colidingmandatorysound signals, lights - regulated so which area diff size and colorcome right - pass port to porteveryone observes these

What are rules for boarding?

haardwithin your territorial waters

What are rules for seizure

abandonedno state flag - piratesif you do, mostly have to give it back

Who gives out flags of convenience


What are flags of convenience?

sell their flag and get money

Why would you want a flag of convenience

boats get dealsstandards might be differentex: crew training might be slightly less


every country made to make nautical charts

What are baselines

where you draw your limits zone

what are on charts

depthinternal watersterritorial seacontiguous zone

How far does the territorial sea extend?

12 NM

What is the difference between internal waters and territorial se

innocent passage

what is innocent passage

used to luse the land to know where you are

What are the terms of innocent passage?

can't stopcan't let people offcan't take people on

How far does the contiguous zone go?

24 miles

what can you do in the contiguous zone?

enforce polution laws

What ar the methods for drawing baselines

Low water baseline straight line baselinesbay baseline

Low water baseline

mean low water - when tides out wheres your land

straight line baselines

can make internal waters with islands - draw line betweennormalize it

bay baseline

semi circle 24 mile diameterbay must be larger than semi circle

How are base lines determined?

case by case basis around the world

What are historic bays - ex

Peter the Great bay108 mileshistorically has been Russia