Exam 1 History 151


Made Fortune in Carnegie Steel IndustryPhilanthropist Helped Develop US railroads


Not Slave Abolitionist Pocket Veto Wade-Davis Bill (50% plan)10% plan

Andrew Johnson

VP to Lincoln; Takes office after Lincoln Assassination


Tenure of Office Act

14th Amendment

Defines US citizenshipCivil Rights Act of 1866Helps address many of restrictions found in Black Codes

Freedman Bureau

Initiated by Lincoln

Gov't agency that aided distressed Freedman

Key agency during Reconstruction

Thaddeus Stevens

Radical Republican

Justice for Freedman



Nathan Forrest founded it

Social club by handful of Confederate Soliders

Founded in TN 1866

Mississippi Plan

Devised by Democratic Party

Used to surpress or purchase black vote

Grandfather Clause

States Rights

political powers reserved to states rather than federal gov't


Opposition to desegregation

Edwin Stanton

Radical Republican

Helped get Johnson Impeached

Secretary of War

Tenure of Office Act

Denied President power to remove anyone without Senate approval


Helped to set up Johnson for impeachment

Ulysses S Grant

Radical Republican


Fought against KKK


election of 1876

wins popular vote but loses to Hayes

Secretary of War

Liberal Republican

against special interest groups

allow black colleges to be formed

Try to remove Grant in 1872 election

Home Rule

President Hayes

Troop removal from the South

compromise of 1877


Feuded with Johnson

Union General

Worked closely with Ulysses S Grant

Black Hills

Place of origination sacred to Sioux

Agreed to be left to Sioux

Gold found and invaded by prospectors

Ghost Dance

Pan-Native religion

Dance to remove whites (crack earth)

Wear sacred garment during dance (invincible)

Senator Dawes

Wanted to modify reservation system


Dawes Act

Standing Bear

Denied to leave reservation to get sons body

Tibbles writes story makes S.B. celebrity

Body never found/supposed to be found white man

Poll Tax

Grandfather clause

Implemented after 15th Amendment

disenfranchising blacks and Indians


Creates managerial middle class

1st transcontinental railroad 1869

logistics led to white collar jobs


As Southern States seceded Union they formed Confederacy

Happened during civil war and later brought back to Union during Reconstruction

11 States seceded

Wade-Davis Bill

aka %50 plan

requires half of said population to swear allegiance to Union

Lincoln Pocket vetos the Bill

13th Amendment

Abolished Slavery

Reconstruction Amendment



period after civil war

focused on rebuilding economy and social structures

commenced with Emancipation Proclamation

Charles Sumner

Wanted equal rights to Freedman

Worked closely with Lincoln

Leader of antislavery forces in MA

Black Codes

Used to limit civil liberties of newly-freed slaves

Reflected unwillingness of whites to see blacks as equal

Used to secure a steady supply of cheap labor

Civil Rights Act of 1866

All born in US are citizens

KKK tries to undermine it

Vetoed by Johnson

Pocket Veto

Lincoln did this Wade-Davis Bill

Allows President to indirectly Veto a Bill

Basically the act of ignoring it until it expires

Military Reconstruction Act

Bill reduced secessionist states into conquered territories

dispatched troops to protect former slave

marital law



Formal process where official accused of unlawful activity

Doesn't always result in removal from office

15th Amendment

suffrage to all males in U.S.

a Reconstruction Amendment


Rutherford B. Hayes

wins election of 1876

Beats Tilden

Must remove all troops from the South

Compromise of 1877

Ends Radical Reconstruction

1876 election given to Hayes to remove troops in South

Helps industrialize the South


ag. system structured so your always in debt

System where landowner provided tools housing seed for large portion of crop

Land divided up per black family

Little Bighorn

Custer Killed

US Army defeated

Led by war heros such as Crazy Horse

Sitting Bull

Believes in Ghost Dance

taken into custody and shot while in shackles "trying" to "escape"

causes 300 people to leave reservation who are later murdered by machine guns in a trench

Wounded Knee

where massacre occurs ending indian resistance

~300 people (woman and children mostly) murdered

Ghost dance myth debunked, won't save you from bullets while wearing sacred garments


Proposed by Henry Dawes

Where reservation is placed for Indians

Used to abolish Indians remaining culture

Indians Rights Association

Group dedicated to well being of Native Americans and their culture

Founded in PA

neglected cultural Patterns of Indians (ended up being counter-productive)


Business involved in food production

Farm debt (credit if bad crops due to bad seasons etc)

Involved in production, processing, marketing, distributing


Oil Tycoon

Founded Standard Oil Company

Owned biggest shipper of oil and and kerosene in the Country