Burke AUD Module IV

an advantage of using systems flow charts to documentinformation about internal control considered using internal control questionnaires is that systems flow charts

provide a visual depiction of clients activities

a flowchart is most frequently used by and auditor in connection with the

review of the clients internal control

Matthews Corp. as change from a system of recording time worked on the clock cards to a computerized payroll system in which employees record time in and out with magnetic cards. The computer system automatically updates all payroll records. Because of this change

part of the audit trail is altered

which of the following is correct concerning batch processing of transactions

is more likely to result in an easy-to-follow audit trail than is online transaction processing

and auditor would be most likely to assist control risk at the maximum level an electronic environment with automated system generated information when

fixed asset transactions are few in number, but large in dollar amount

in a highly automated information processing system tests of control

may be required in some circumstances

which of the following is least likely to be considered by an auditor considering engagement of an information technology specialist on an audit

requirements to assess going concern status

which of the following strategies would a see PA most likely considering auditing an entity that processes most of its financial data only in electronic form, such as a paperless system

continuous monitoring and analysis of transaction processing within embedded audit module

which of the following is not a major reason for maintaining an audit trail for a computer system

analytical procedures

computer systems are typically supported by a variety of utility software packages that are important to when auditor because they

may enable unauthorized changes to data files if not properly controlled

and auditor would most likely be concerned with which of the following controls in a distributed data processing system

access controls

which of the following types of evidence would in auditor most likely examined to determine whether internal control is operating as designed

client records documenting the use of computer programs

in auditor anticipates assessing control risk at a low level and a computerized environment. Under these circumstances, on which of the following activities with the auditor initially focus

general control activities

after the preliminary phase of the review of a client computer controls, and auditor may decide not to form tests of controls related to the controls within the computer portion on the clients internal control. Which of the following would not be a valid reason for choosing to admit such tests

the controls appear adequate

auditing by testing the input and output of the computer system instead of the computer program itself will

not detect program areas which do not show up in the output sample

which of the following client information technology systems generally can be audited without examining or directly testing the IT computer programs of the system

system that performs relatively uncomplicated processes and produces detailed output

in auditor wishes to capture and entities data as transactions are processed in continuously test the entities computerized information system most likely would use which of the following techniques

embedded audit module

which of the following computer-assisted auditing techniques processes client input data on a controlled program under the auditors control to test controls in the computer system

parallel simulation

to obtain evidence that online access controls are properly functioning, and auditor most likely would

enter invalid identification numbers or passwords to ascertain whether the system rejects them

and auditor most likely would introduce test data into a computerized payroll system to test controls related to the

discovery of invalid employee ID numbers

when in auditor test a computerized accounting system, which of the following is true of the test data approach

test data are processed by the clients computer programs under the auditors control

which of the following is not among the errors that and auditor might include in the test data when auditing a client computer system

numeric characters in alphanumeric fields

which of the following computer-assisted auditing techniques allows fictitious in real transactions to be processed together without client operating personnel being aware of the testing process

integrated test facility

which of the following methods of testing application controls utilizes a generalized audit software package prepared by the auditors

parallel simulation

in creating leads schedules for an audit engagement, A CPA often uses automated workpaper software. What client information is needed to begin this process

general ledger information such as account numbers, prior year account balances, and current year unadjusted information

using microcomputers in auditing may affect the methods used to review the work of staff assistance because

working paper documentation may not contain readily observable details of calculations

in auditor would least likely use computer software to

assess computer control risk

a primary advantage of using generalized audit software packages to audit the financial statements of the client that uses a computer system is that the auditor may

access information stored on computer files while having limited understanding of the clients hardware and software features

auditors often make use of computer programs that perform routine processing functions such as sorting and merging. These programs are made available by electronic data processing companies and others and are specifically referred to as

utility programs press

Smith Corporation has numerous customers. A customer file is kept on disk storage. Each customer file contains name, address, credit limit, and account balance. The auditor wishes to test is filed to determine whether credit limits are being exceeded. The best procedure for the auditor to follow would be to

develop a program to compare credit limits with account balances and print out the details of any account with the balance exceeding its credit limit

in auditor most likely would tests for the presence of unauthorized computer program changes by running a

source code comparison program

in entity has the following invoices in a batch invoice number, product, quantity, unit price

invoice numbers are 201, 202, 203, 204. Data in a 4 x 3 matrix exists on the other three columns.

Which of the following numbers represents the record count