Anatomy and Physiology

1. Superior vena cava2. Right pulmonary artery3. Right atrium4. Right pulmonary veins5. Coronary sinus6. Tricuspid/right atrioventricular valve7. Papillary muscles8. Chordae tendinae9. Inferior vena cava10. Aorta/Aortic arch11. Left pulmonary artery12. Left atrium13. Left pulmonary veins14. Pulmonary semilunar valve15. Bicuspid/Left atrioventricular/Mitral valve16. Aortic semilunar valve17. Papillary muscle18. Interventricular septum19. Myocardium20. Epicardium

What is the flow of the blood through the heart?

DO2 blood (SVC, IVC, CS)Right atriumtricuspid valveright ventriclepulmonary valvepulmonary trunkpulmonary arterieslungsO2 bloodleft atriumbicuspid valveaortic valveaortasystemic arteriescells of the body

Starting at the Heart name the upper extremity veins.

HeartSuperior vena cavaRt/Lt brachiocephalic veinRt/Lt subclavian and Rt/Lt internal jugular veinsRt/Lt cephalic and Rt/Lt brachial and Rt/Lt basillic veinsRt/Lt radial veinRt/Lt ulnar vein