Zoo Lab Cepholopods

What do the fins do?

aid in manuvering

What are the dots(cells) on the anterior outside of a squid? What do they do?

chromatphores, pigment cells

What is the function of the aquiferous pore?

equalize pressure inside the head

Whats the function of the olfactory crest?


What's the function the the funnel and valves?

jet repulsion/ direct water

Which are tentacles and arms?

Tentacles are the 2 long, arms are the short ones

what's the 4th left arm of a male used for?

Used for sperm

Whats the function of the pallial & infundibular cartilages?

Keep neck and mantle aligned

Kidneys are part of what system?


The gills and lamella are part of what system?


What is the purpose of lamella?

increase surface area