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what are the four phases of mitosis

prophasemetaphaseanaphase telephase

what is the longest stage of mitosis


describe what happens to the chromatin, nuclear membrane & nucleolous, and the spindle during prophase

chromatin: condenses into chromosomesnuclear membrane & nucleolous: disappearspindle: forms

what creates the spindle?

protein fibers form between the two centrioles

what kind of structure is a spindle


what will the spindle do during mitosis

move the chromosomes

what happens during metaphase

the chromosomes attach to the spindle and move to the equator of the cell

what happens during anaphase

the centromeres divide and the sister chromatids move to the opposite poles

what happens during telephase

new nuclear membranes form around each set of chromosomes, the nucleolus reappears and the spindle breaks down

describe animal cytokinesis

the cell membrane is drawn inward until the cytoplasm is divided into 2 nearly equal parts

describe plant cytokinesis

a cell plate forms between the 2 nuclei and divides the cell into 2 parts. the cell plate becomes the new cell wall