What are the fundamentals of security? (MOPP-P)

Maintain threat contactOrient on the force or facility to be securedProvide early and accurate warningProvide reaction time and maneuvering spacePerform continuous recon

What is the criteria for selecting an Attack by Fire/ Support by Fire/ Battle Position? (NORMA)

Nature of the targetObstaclesRange to targetMultiple firing positions/lanesArea to maneuver

What is the selection criteria for a firing position?

ConcealmentAltitude of targetRangeBackgroundSun or full moonManeuver areaShadowsRotor washFields of fire

What must be considered when conducting a VMC approach to a confined area? (SS-BATT)

Size of landing areaSuitabilityBarriersApproach directionTouchdown pointTakeoff direction

What must be considered when conducting a terrain flight approach? (T-SLOW)

Tactical situationSize and suitabilityLong axis of areaObstaclesWind direction

What are the key tasks for aerial observation? (DILR)


What factors can effect aerial observation? (WAATCH)


What are 7 visual cues that can indicate enemy activity? (MCLOSSTT)

MovementColorLightObvious sightingsSmoke and dustShapes and shadowsTextureTerrain

Describe actions on contact. (DCR/DCR)

Deploy to coverContinue to observeReportDevelop the situationChoose a course of actionReport COA to commander

What must be considered when selecting a holding area? (A-SOCK)

Avenues of approach and departureSecurityObstacles within holding areaCover and concealmentKey terrain

What are the 4 categories of hazards to terrain flight?

Physical (natural or man-made)MeteorologicalHumanOther (maintenance)

What are the six types of wires?

PowerlinesCommo wiresBooby-trapsGuy wiresFencingTow wires

What are the fundamentals of reconnaissance?(GORRDEE)

Gain and maintain enemy contactOrient on the objectiveReport information rapidly and accuratelyRetain freedom of movementDevelop the situation rapidlyEnsure maximum recon forces forwardEnsure continuous recon

What are the technical characteristics of an LZ/PZ that must be considered? (LONGLASSV)

Landing formationObstaclesNumber of aircraftGround slope of landing areaLoad suitabilityApproach or departure directionSize of landing zoneSurface conditionVulnerability

What are the meteorological considerations when doing reconnaissance for an LZ/PZ?

CeilingVisibilityWindsDensity altitude

What are the tactical considerations for a landing zone / pick-up zone?


What 4 elements make up an attack briefing? (TPMR)

Technique (running fire, diving fire, or hovering fire)PatternMunitionsRange for engagement

What are the 9 steps to terrain flight mission planning?

Analyze the mission using METT-TCAnalyze the map and photo reconSelect the mode of terrain flight for each legSelect primary and alternate routesDetermine the time, distance, heading, and altitude for each legDetermine the fuel required + 25lbsGet weather briefDo a risk assessmentConduct a crew briefing