What does DNA probe check for

G/C, Chlamidia

WHat cells do you collect in the pap smear and culture

Collects ____cells with the spatula

What does the wet mount check for?

Fungus, Yeast

What is the purpose of the KOH testing for

Fungus Yeast

WHat are you palpating the cervix for durnign biannual exam

MobilityTendernessSize Shape LengthPosition nodules

What are you palpating the ovaries for during the biannual exam

MassesTendernessSize ShapeLocation

WHat are you palpating the uterus for during the rectovaginal exam

Location PositionSizeShapeConsistancy TernernessContour

What should you palpate a pregnant woman

Softening of cervixMore....

Characteristics of Endometrosis

Growth of endometrial tissue outside the uterus

Describe genital warts

Condolomya acumanata

What abnormality is characterized by secondary sysphilis, 6-12 weeks after infection, flat

Condyloma Latum

What abnormality is characterized by small




What are enlarged fluid filled retention cyst, distory shaped of cervix, single or multiple

Nabothian cyst

HArd grandular surfaces near the cervicular os, may progress to irregular cauliflower growth

cervical carcinoma

What abnorma

atopic pregnancy

Infection of the falopian tubes associated with PID