Biology Lecture ch 33 Vocab

Pentaradial symmetry

symmetry in 5 or multiples of fivechanged from the bilateral symmetry larva

water vascular system

a unique feature of the echinodermsa network of water-filled canals leading to extensions (tube feet)madreporite -> ring canal -> radial canal -> tube feet

Tube feet

extensions used for locomotion, gas exchange, and feeding


most distinct chordatescomposed of a core of large cells with fluid filled vacuoles making it rigid and flexible


have jointed vertebral column

vertebral column

in the dorsal cavityreplaces the notochord during early development


the four legged vertebrates


the adaptation of water bound animals to terrestrial animalsmust stay in moist environments to stay alive


the knowledge and traditions that are passed along from one generation to the next by teaching and observation