LAB 18 Circulation 4.txt

Artery & Vein

Fibular Artery (1 right & 1 left)Dorsalis Pedis - check for blood flow to extremity (2 left, 2 right)Plantar Arch

Popliteal - pulse & BPPosterior TibialMedial Plantar

Right suprarenal vein empties to inferior vena cavaLeft suprarenal vein empties to left renal veinRight renal veinLeft renal veinRight gonadal vein empties to inferior vena cavaLeft gonadal vein empties to left renal vein

Common iliac veinInternal iliac veinExternal iliac veinFemoral veinGreat saphenous vein (superficial)

Popliteal veinSmall saphenous vein (superficial, 2L)Great Saphenous (2R)

Anterior tibial vein (1R)Fibular vein (2R)Posterior tibial vein

External jugular veinVertebral veinInternal jugular veinSuperior & middle thyroid veins

Posterior intercostal arteriesAnterior intercostal arteriesInternal thoracic artery

Radial veinUlnar veinDeep palmar archSuperficial Palmar archDigital veins

State 2 characteristic s of veins of the brain.

They are called Sinus. They do not have one-way valves.