Hans selye

is a canadian endocrinologist who was a pioneer in stress research

cognitive appraisal

our physical and psychological reactions to stressors depend somewhat on how we theink about such stressors

burn out

is when there exists an increasingly intense pattern of physical and pyschological dysfunction in responce to stress

figt or flight syndome

is the physical respnce to stressors including rapid breathing, increased hr, and shakiness

Researchers have found that people under stress are more likely to have

a poor functioning immune system

stressors produce a variey of physiological respnces that begin

in the brain and spread to the rest of the body

The corticosteroids

hormones are released by the adreanal cortex and play a central rold in the bodys responce to long term stressors

the GAS occurs in three stages

alarm, resistance, and exhaustion

manage stressors include

problem and emotion focussed techniques

hans seyle exposed lab animals to various stressors and found that

patterns of physiological arousal were similar, regardless of the type of stress

our body becomes more alert during the

resistance stage of GAS

type a personality is a perdictor of

coronary heart disease


studides the interation between stress and the immune system

proactive coping is

anticipation stressful events and taking advance steps to avoid them.

stress hormones

adrenalin, norepinephrine, and glucocoricoids

stressful life events

are positively correlated with illnes

the leval of stress created by a life event is determined by

the extent to which the life event causes some to adjust

cognitive appraisal refers to

a perception or evaluation of the meaning of an event