LE Definitions

Criminal Attempt

Substantial Step toward the commission of the crime

(Punished by one level lower)

Criminal Facilitation

Knowingly provides Substantial Assistance

(Punished by two levels lower)(note: there has to be no gain ex: guy holding down a woman so another could rape her, there is no gain..hes not participating but knowingly aiding the crime)

Criminal Solicitation

Commands, Induces, Entreats, or otherwise attempts to Persuade

(Punished by one level lower)

Criminal Conspiracy

One or more of such persons does an Overt Act

(Punished under the same class)

Criminal Coercion

Intent to Compel another

Physical Obstruction of Government Function

Intentionally obstructs, impairs, impedes, hinders, prevents, or perverts

Preventing Arrest

Intent to prevent a public servant from effecting an arrest

(Matches the original charge)

Threatening Public Servants

Threatens harm with the intent to influence offical action

Hindering Law Enforcement

For an offense by Harboring

Impersonating Officals

Falsely Pretends to be a public servant

Promoting Prostitution

Operates or Owns a place of prostitution

Facilitating Prostitution

Knowingly patronizes or procures a prostitute


Solicits another person to be hired to engage in sexual activity

Simple Assault

Willfully or Negligently causes Bodily Injury

(Class B Misdemeanor)(Class C Felony if victim is a peace officer, on duty, and the offender knows this)


Willfully or Negligently causes Substantial Bodily Injury

(Class A Misdemeanor)(Class C Felony if victim is under 12)(Class B Felony if negligently causes serious bodily injury to another while fleeing a police officer in a MV)

Aggravated Assault

Willfully causes Serious Bodily Injury

- includes firing a firearm or hurling a destructive devise (i.e. Baseball Bat)(Class C Felony)(Class B Felony if victim is under 12 or victim suffers permanent loss or impairment)


Recklessly causes Death

(Class B Felony)


Theft & Simple Assault

(Always a Felony)


Criminal Trespass & any other Criminal Offense

(Class C Felony)(Class B Felony if committed at night or in a dwelling)


Intent to place another in fear

(Class C Felony)(note: pulling a fire alarm is not terrorizing since there is no intent to place fear - it would be disordely conduct)


Knowingly place another in fear of Imminent Serious Bodily Injury

(Class A Misdemeanor)


Intent to frighten in Writing or by Phone

(Class A Misdemeanor)


Person abducts another

(Class B Felony)(note: typically stranger to stranger)

Felonious Restraint

Knowingly abduct another and restrain them

(Class C Felony)

Unlawful Imprisonment

Knowingly subject another to Unlawful Restraint

(Class A Misdemeanor)

Definition of Sexual Contact

Unwanted Touching of other's intimate parts for the purpose of Arousing or Satisfying Desires

Definition of Sexual Act

Sexual Contact (Penetration) between the penis & vulva, the penis & anus, or any other object in the vulva or anus

(note: a finger is a object & the penis cannot be penatrated)

Gross Sexual Imposition

Engages in a Sexual Act - by force or threat- victim less than fifteen years old- victim is unaware- victim has a mental disease- victim is incapable of understanding

Sexual Assault

Knowingly has Sexual Contact with another person


- Engaging in a Sexual Act in a public place

- Minor engaging in a Sexual Act

(Class A Misdemeanor for Adults)(Class B Misdemeanor for minors)

Indecent Exposure

- Intent to arouse, appeal to, or gratify

- Masturbates in a public place

(Class A Misdemeanor)(Class C Felony for repeat offenders)


Marry a person while already married

Reckless Endangerment

Create a substantial risk of Serious Bodily Injury or Death

(Class A Misdemeanor)(Class C Felony if the circumstances manifest an extreme indifference to the value of human life)

Disordley Conduct

- Harass, Annoy, or Alarm

- Exposes ones penis, vulva, or anus

(Class B Misdemeanor)

Criminal Mischief

Willfully tamper with or Willfully Damage

Class B Felony > $10,000Class C Felony > $2,000 < $10,000Class A Misdemeanor > $100 < $2,000Class B Misdemeanor < $100

Criminal Trespass

Enters or remains in any place enclosed

(Class A Misdemeanor)(Class C Felony if is in a dwelling or in a highly secured premises)