History France AOS1 - DATES

Reign of Louis XIV

1643 - 1715Known as "The Sun King"

Reign of Louis XV

1715 - 1774

Montesquieu's "The Spirit of the Laws"

1748Idea of speration of powers

Rousseau's "The Social Contract"

1762Idea of equality, of men joined together under a social contract so power resides in the people

Denis Diderot and d'Alembert's "Enclyclopedie" published between:

1751- 1775

Voltaire's "Treatise on Toleration"


France involved in American War of Independance

1776 - 1783

Necker's publication of "Compte Rendu au Roi"


Calonne proposes to convoke Assembly of Notables


Assembly of Notables is opened on

22 February 1787

Assembly of Notables is closed on

25 May 1787

Brienne proposes modified reforms to Parlement of Paris:

Beginning of July 1787

Parlement rejects tax reforms on

2 July 1787

King Louis XVI exiles the parlement to Troyes on

15 August 1787

Parlement recalled to Paris:

September 1787

Royal Session & King's Lit de Justice, forcing tax reforms through:

19 November 1787

King suspends all parlements and through another lit de justice, replaces with Plenary Courts:

8 May 1788

Riots and Day of Tiles in Grenoble

June 1788

Brienne announces King will accept submissions on composition of E.G:

5 July 1788

Brienne announces official date for E.G:

8 August

Abbe Sieyes' pamphlet "What is the Third Estate?"

January 1789

4000 pamphlets published in Pamphlet War between:

May 1788 - April 1789

King welcomes deputies into the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles:

2 May 1789

Official opening of Estates-General

5 May 1789

Clergy vote to keep seperate verification:

7 May 1789

The Reveillon Riots

27 April 1789

Commons (previously 3E) declare themselves National Assembly of France after being joined by some liberal clergymen:

17 June 1789

Clergy vote to join National Assembly:

19 June 1789

N.A. arrives at meeting place to find doors locked, and a summons a Seance Royal:

20 June 1789

The Tennis Court Oath

20 June 1789

The Royal Session

23 June 1789

Soldiers sent to stop N.A. crossed to support them on:

24 June 1789

King consents to all the Estates meeting in common and voting by head:

27 June 1789

Necker is dismissed (1789)

11 July 1789

Camille Desmoulins urges the crowd at the Palais Royal to take up arms:

12 July 1789

Fall of the Bastille

14 July 1789

King comes to the Town Hall to agree to withdrawal of troops, and Bailly as mayor of Paris

15 July 1789

King accepts a cockade from Bailly

17 July 1789

Murders of Bertier de Sauvigny and Joseph Francois Foulon

23 July 1789