Bact E2, IV

Stain and morphology of Strep:

G+Cocci chains/pairs

Two Classification systems for Strep


Hemolytic Classifications:


Serological Classifications:

A, B, C, D, F, G

B Hemolytic Strep include:

S equi

a Hemolytic Strep include:

S. uberisS. pneumoniae

G includes:

S. Canis

C includes:

S Equi

D includes:

S suis

SubSp of Strep Equi:



Commensal or obligate pathogens of skin

Where can infection occur?


Virulence factors of Strep


Zoonotic Sp of Strep:

S agalactiaeS dysgalactiaeS uberis

S canis infects:


S suis infects


Sp of Strep that infects cattle:

S agalactiaeS dysgalactiaeS uberis

S equi causes:


Characteristics of S Canis Dz's:


S canis causes:

puppy stranglesJuvenile pyodermalymphadenitisTSSSepticemia in kittens

S equi, subsp. equi causes:

pharyngitislymphadenitisinhalation pneunomia

Appearance of S equi on BA

Mucoid B hemolytic olonies

S equi is transmitted via


Pathogenesis of S equi

Enters through mouth/noseattaches to tonsillar crypt mucosa-> LN=> Swelling/pusOcclusion of Resp pathway

How does S equi become highly infectious?

Rupture of submandibular LN

S suis causes

Septicemia in piglets

S porcinus causes

Jowl Abscesses

What causes chronic mastitis in cattle?

S agalactiae

What causes acute mastitis in cattle?

S dysgalactiaeS uberis

What are the symptoms of Strangles(5)?

FeverNasal DischargeSwollen head/neck LNCoughDifficulty Swallowing

Chronic Strangles is called

Bastard Strangles

Symptoms of Bastard Strangles

Weight LossDyspneaAbscesses

Tx for Strangles


S suis clinical Dz's (5):


Dx for S suis:


Tx for S Suis:


Prevention of S suis?

Reduce StressVx w/ bacterins

Which type of S suis is the most virulent?

Type 2

Which mastitis causing bacteria are CAMP+?

S agalactiae

Which mastitis causing bacteria are a hemolytic?

S dysgalactiae dysgalacticaeS uberis

S agalactiae infects which anatomical locations?

Exclusively mammary

What anatomical Locations does S dysgalacticae dysgalacticae infect?

Mammary (acute)Buccal CavityGenitaliaSkin of udder

What anatomical Locations does S uberis infect?


Multipoint Mastitis Control Program:

1. Clean/Dry environment2. Sanitizing/maint. of milking equip3. Aseptic teat care4. Dry-cow therapy5. Somatic Cell Count/Culling

Drugs used to Tx Strep causing Mastitis:

PenCloxacillin(same for staph mastitis)

Agent for Jowl abscesses in pigs?

S porcinus

S porcinus is AKA:

Streptococcal lymphadenitisStrangles in hogs

Drugs used to Tx S porcinus

Tetracyclines in feed at weaning(Vx not effective)

S _____ causes purpura and gangrenous changes in leg