Bact E2, III

Virulence Factors of S aureus and S intermedius:


In Cattle/goats/sheep, Staph causes:

MastitisTick pyemia (lambs)

In Swine, Staph causes:

Exudative Dermatitis/Greasy Pig DzMastitis

In Dogs, Staph causes:

Otitis ExternaUTISkinVaginal Infections

In cats, Staph causes:

2' Skin infection

In Poultry, , Staph causes:

Bumble FootArthritis

In birds, Staph causes:


Appearance of a S intermedius dermatitis in dogs

Erythematous, papular pyodermainterdigital Sinus

S ____ is a significant cause of bovine mastitis


S _____ is associated with dogs


In dogs, S intermedius causes:

PyodermaotitisUTIEye Infections

Skin commensal species of Staph:

S. intermediusS. Epidermis

S ____ is occasionally a cause for skin infections in cats


S ____ causes Exudative Epidermitis

Hyicus (Greasy Pig Dz)

Spp of Staph that yield double zone hemolysis

S aureusS intermedius

What can be used to treat chronic Staph infections?


Abx for Staph

Pen (sens test first)ClavamoxCephalosporins

Abx for mastitis caused by Staph


Forms of Mastitis:


Symptoms of peracute mastitis:

FeverDepressionAnorexiaRecumbencyInc HR

Dx of mastitis:

CultureSomatic Cell CountCalifornia Mastitis test

Prevention of mastitis:

Antimicrobial Susceptibility Tests

How is mastitis prevented?

HygieneDry-Cow-TherapySCC monitoring program (somatic cell count)Culling

What is required to determine treatment of Staph?

Antimicrobial Susceptibility Tests

What does S intermedius cause in dogs?

Pyoderma Otitis Externa

Drug options for S intermedius


Staph hyicus is a comensal of:


Clinical Signs of Grest Pig Dz (7):

1-6 wks of ageExcessive sebacious secretionsexfoliationgreasy exudation on skinnon pruritic dermatitisanorexiadehydration

Tx for Greasy Pig Dz:

TMSTopical Antiseptics (Cetrimide)Fluids