Physio Block 3

What drug decreases preload?


What drug decreases afterload?


Cardiac output equals what?

Stroke volume

The largest blood volume in the CVS is found where?

1.venous side2.pulmonary circulation

Blood flow is equal to what?

difference in pressure/ resistance

What is the prime determinant of viscosity?


What lowers hematocrit?


What is polycythemia?

Increase in RBC #

Resistance in proportional to what?

viscosity x length of bv/r^4

What are the 2 type of flow in the system?


Which flow, laminar or turbulent produces more resistance?


Which flow produces murmurs?


Which is a layered flow?


Which is a non layered flow?


Reynolds number measure what?

turbulent blood flow

Reynolds number is proportional to what?

diameter x velocity x density/ viscosity

Which artery would have a greater pulse pressure, a compliant one or a stiff one?

stiff one

What is the most compliant artery in the system?

the Aorta

Mean arterial pressure is equal to what?

1. diastolic pressure + 1/3 pulse pressure2. 2/3 diastolic pressure + 1/3 systolic pressure3.CO x TPR

What function does angiotensin II have?


What is the differential between Wilsons and Menke?

Wilson--- high copperMenke--low copperboth have low ceruloplasmin

Williams syndrome is caused by?

decreased elastin

What disease is characterized by elfie facies?


The left heart's cardiac output is equal to what?

Right heart's cardiac output

Beta adrenergic receptors are found where?
What do they mediate?
What do they bind?

on arteriolesvasodilationepinephrine