Where (to)?To ask where someone is going

�Ad�nde vas?

Where are you going?



�D�nde est� el centro del pueblo?

Where is the center of town?

�De d�nde?

From where?

�De d�nde eres t�?

Where are you from?

�C�mo es Miguel?

What is Miguel like?

�C�mo lo hiciste?

How did you do it?

�Cu�ndo es la fiesta?

When is the party?

�A qu� hora es la fiesta?

What time is the party?to ask specificlly what time an event takes place.

�Cu�ntos entremeses sirvieron?

How many hors d'oeuvres did they serve?�Cu�nto? preceeds the noun and must match in number and gender

�Cu�ntas personas vienen a la fiesta?

How many people are coming to the party?

�Qui�n es ella?

Who is she?

�De qui�n es la fiesta?

Whose party is it?

�Por qu� quieres ir a las monta�as?

Why do you want to go to the mountains?

�Para qu� tienes los cohetes?

Why do you have the rockets?what for?

�Qu� quieres comer?

What do you want to eat?

�Cu�l es tu plato favorito?

What is your favorite dish?which?