NUR112 Test 1

What is the dosage for Narcan and what is its use?

10 mg max dose
Opioid overdose. has a shorter half life than opioids so may
have to continue to give doses.

What is the dosage atropine and why is it used?

1.0 - 1.5mg
max - 3.0 mg
Bradycardia w/symptoms or to overcome a high does of BB or organophosphates.

How can you tell, by looking at an EKG strip, if a patient has had a
heart transplant?

There will be an extra P wave

Can atropine be used on a person with a heart transplant patient?

No. you would give Epi or isopropanol.

What does the acroynym SLUDGE stand for and what is its signifgance?

The effects of cholinergics



Urinary incontinences


Gastrointestinal cramps


What is amiodarone used for and what are its dosages?

Used for V-Tach and A-Fib
If there's a pulse you will used 150mg and a synchronized cardiovert
If theres no pulse then you used 300mg and D-Fib

Amiodarone can have what bad side effect?

Cause pulmonary fibrosis

What is dose for lidocane and its use?

1.0-1.5 mg/kg
used in V-Tach and V-fib pulseless

What is the dose and use of Adenosine?

Used in SVT
Push 6mg then 12mg

When administering adenosine, how should you give it?

Fast and with a flush behind it

What should you warn the patient about before administering adenosine?

That it may give them a sense of doom

What precautions should you take prior to giving adenosine?

Have a crashcart ready and watch for the temporary asystole

What medication do you give for Torsade's?


Insulin lowers the electrolyte ___________ and that can result in
___________ _____________.

cardiac dysrhythmias

What are the T's in the H's and T's?

Tension pneumothorax
Thrombus, pulmonary
Thrombus, myocardial

What are the H's in the H's and T's?

hydrogen ion excess (meaning youre acidotic)

What is the dosage and use for epinephrine?

Vasopresser/Bronchodilator /Adrenergic
Action: accumulation of CAMP at beta adronergic receptors.
Increase CO and HR
1mg every 3-5min
Concentrations 1/10,000 or 1/1,000

What medication is most likely used for A-fib?


What is FIO2 on regular air?


Approximatly how many mL of air does an adult ambu bag hold?

1.5 Liters

When putting an ambu bag on a patient, how much air should you give
them every time you squeez it?

About 500 mL or half the bag

What adjuncts can you use with an ambu bag?

Oral phyarngeal airway (OPA)
Nasal phyarngeal airway (NPA)

How do you measure a patient for an OPA and an NPA?

OPA - from corner of the mouth the the jaw angle
NPA - from tip of the nose to the tragus of the ear

What kind of patients DO NOT get an OPA?

if their is an obstruction or the gag reflex is still in tact

What kind of patients DO NOT get an NPA?

patients with facial trauma or basilar skull fracture

If a patient has fluid leaking out their ears/nose, how do you tell
if its CSF fluid?

The Halo test

What does PEEP stand for?

Positive End Expiratory Pressure

What does PEEP do and what is a normal pressure?

Keeps alveoli open between breaths

What is CAUTI and how do we prevent it?

Catheter associated urinary tract infection
Prevented by using sterile technique, removing the foley in a
timely fashion, keeping the perineal area clean, only use if necessary.

What is VAP and what is the VAP bundle?

Ventilator associated pneumonia
1. Keep HOB 30-45 degrees
2. Sedation vacation/assessment for extubation
3. Prophylactic ulcer treatment
4. Prophylactic DVT treatment