mock review pictures

a patient in anatomic position with four planes identified

midsagittal plane dividing body equally into right and left halves
and midcoronal plane dividing body equally into anterior and posterior halves

top-down perspective of patient's body showing sagittal plane through
left shoulder, coronal plane through anterior head, and oblique plane
through right shoulder

anterior view of torso showing two great cavities: thoracic and abdominopelvic

interiliac plane transecting trunk at tops of iliac crests

occlusal plane formed by biting surfaces of teeth

four quadrants of abdomen

nine regions of abdomen

head and neck surface landmarks

torso surface landmarks

Asthenic body habitus

hypersthenic body habitus

hyposthenic body habitus

sthenic body habitus

skeleton of appendicular bones

skeleton of axial bones

structural classification of joints

common classification of fractures