Consumer Behavior Mod 15

Affirmative Disclosure

Where a company is required to disclose in its advertising or
labeling the deficiencies or limitations of its product or service and
designed to eliminate the potential for deception in promotional
material by providing consumer information on negative attributes of
some products and services.

Cause-Related Marketing

Marketing efforts that have at least one noneconomic objective
related to social welfare and use resources of the company and/or of
its partners.

Compulsive Buying

When buying becomes compulsive, and the goal shifts from obtaining
utility from the purchased item to achieving gratification from the
purchasing process itself.

Consumer Activism

The consumerist social movement that involves citizens� and
governments� attempt to enhance the rights and powers of buyers in
relation to sellers, and is concerned with protecting consumers from
all organizations with which there is an exchange relationship,
including hospitals, libraries, schools, police forces, and various
government agencies, as well as with business firms.

Consumer Choice

A consumer right that sees expanded choice for the consumer as
desirable, and acheived through government regulations designed to
control corporate power in the marketplace, with many of these
controls oriented to-ward breaking up larger corporate units into
smaller, more freely competitive units.

Consumer Privacy

A consumer right that relates to privacy � preventing unwarranted or
unauthorized use of consumer information for marketing or other purposes.

Consumer Redress

A consumer right that focuses on the consumer's voice in the
marketplace; and consumer input into organizational and governmental
policies should be available, and consumer complaints directed to
businesses should be facilitated and, more important, responded to in
an equitable way.

Consumer Response System

A program developed to focus a company on effective communication
with its customers.

Corporate Societal Marketing

Marketing that, among all business functions, strives to place a
company in the most advantageous position to contribute to the
communal good.