rel final

the first five of Jewish scripture are called what

the Pentateuch

the book that make up the old testament combined with those that make
up the new testament are known in the world today as

the bible

which one of the following books of the new testament are not part of
the synoptic Gospel


the meaning of religion as " to tie again" is represented
in Judaism in what ways

the commandment "tie" humanity back to life in harmony with god

what happened to the first set f tablets Moses received from god

they were smashed by Moses

Jewish mystical traditions are called what


what is the name for the portable tabernacle designed by god

ark of the covenant

the first temple of Jerusalem was built under which king


christian belief such as the inerrancy of the Bible and that Mary was
literally a virgin birth are features of what

fundamentalist christianity

the new testament contains 27 books with the majority of them having
been written by the Apostle


biblical scholars date the original writings of the new testament
gospels to

forty to sixty years after Jesus's death

which of the new testament authors, after persecuting Christians,
converted and became one of Christianity's early proponents

paul or saul

how was the use of torture against suspected heretics during the
medieval inquisitions theologically defended

based on Augustine's idea that heretics should be controlled out of
the love for their son

what is the christian movement advocating concrete political action
to help the poor

liberation theology

according to Muslims, Muhammad is considered to be what

the last in a series of prophets restoring the true religion

the Qur'an is considered by Muslims to be what

all the above

according to Muslims what is the status of Jesus

a great prophet - whose death had no saving effect

for Muslims, the Ka'bah is said to be located at the original site of
worship for who


according to Mormons which of the following is true

after his death and resurrection Jesus appeared to the ancestors of
the american indian

according to Mormons, the book of Mormon is considered to be what

all the above

a characteristic of sects includes the following

all the above

madame helena blavatsky was the founder of which religious movement

theosophical society

which of the following is true according to the teaching of the
Unification church

Rev. Moon is a second Messiah

Baha'i emphasizes

the oneness of humanit under the oneness of god

which Jamaican religious group stresses millenarianism