A&P ch 7&8


How many cranial bones are there?


�cranial� or �facial: Sphenoid:


�cranial� or �facial: Lacrimal:


�cranial� or �facial: Palatine:


�cranial� or �facial: Occipital:


�cranial� or �facial: Vomer:


�cranial� or �facial: Maxilla:

Squamous suture

Which suture divides the temporal bone from the parietal bone?

Occipital bone

The foramen magnum is a structure on which bone?

Mandibular fossa

What structure on the temporal bone is the articulating surface for
the TMJ?

mastoid, styloid, and zygomatic processes

Name three processes that are prominent on the temporal bone:


What is the keystone bone of the cranium?

sella turcica

The _________ is found on the sphenoid bone, and it houses the
pituitary gland.

ethmoid bone

The superior portion of the nasal septum is the perpendicular plate,
which is a structure on the .

Crista galli

Which structure on the ethmoid bone is an attachment point for the
dura mater?


How many facial bones are there?


What is the only moveable bone in the entire skull?

Condyle (or mandibular condyle)

What structure on the mandible articulates with the temporal bone in
the TMJ?


Which bone is the keystone of the facial bones?

Frontal, sphenoid, ethmoid, and Maxillae

What four bones of the skull contain sinuses?

Maxilla(e) and palatine bones.

What two paired BONES make up the hard palate? (note that the
palatine process is the portion of the maxilla(e) that forms the
anterior 2/3 of the hard palate but the Q asked for the bones)

Zygomatic bones

Which paired bone forms the prominence of the cheek?


Which bone forms the inferior aspect of the nasal septum?

Inferior nasal conchae

Which nasal conchae are not structures on the ethmoid bone?

Hyoid bone

What bone does not articulate with any other bone; and is a moveable
base for the tongue?

cervical vertebrae.

The vertebrae of the neck are

Cervical and lumbar

Which regions of the spine are concave posteriorly?


What is the term for an exaggerated thoracic curve or hunchback?


In which region of the spine are transverse foramina found?


Which vertebra does not have a body or spinous process?


Which vertebra contains the dens?

atlas rotating on axis

Which two bones articulate to produce the movement for �no�?

Thoracic vertebrae.

Which vertebrae contain costal facets?

manubrium-body-xiphoid process

Name the three fused structures that make up the sternum from
superior to inferior:


True ribs:


Vertebrochondral ribs:


Floating ribs:

Clavicle and scapula

What two bones make up the pectoral girdle?


What bone acts as a brace to hold the scapulae and arms out laterally?

Glenoid cavity

In the shoulder joint, what structure acts as a �socket� for the head
of the humerus?


What is the medial bone of the forearm?

ulnar nerve

The �funny bone� is actually the:

Scaphoid, lunate, triquetrum, pisiform

What four bones make up the proximal row of carpals?

Digit 1 (thumb)

Which digit does not have a middle phalanx?

Pubic symphysis

What structure is located in the joint between the two coxal bones?

Ilium, ischium, and pubis

What are the 3 bones that make up each hip/coxal bone?


The three coxal bones form the �socket� for the head of the femur �
the socket is called the:

the ischial tuberosity

Which structure is the �sit bone�? ischium � more specifically,


What is the largest and strongest bone in the body?


Which bone is the lower leg is not weight-bearing and contains the
lateral malleolus?


What is the medial bone of the lower leg?


How many cuneiforms are there in each tarsus?

patella, calcaneus

The kneecap is the ______, and the heel bone is the ________.

Anterior fontanelle

What is the largest fontanelle?

cleft palate

When the maxillae fail to fuse during fetal development, the result
is a:

Thoracic and sacral

What are the primary curves of the spine?