A&P ch 4

epithelial, connective, muscle, nervous

Name the 4 major tissue types:

covering and lining; glandular

Name the 2 types of epithelial tissue:

and an attached basal surface.

Cells have two opposing surfaces, the free apical surface;

basement membrane

The basal lamina and the reticular lamina together form the

gap junctions, desmosomes, and tight junctions

The three types of cell junctions are

a single layer of tall narrow cells is simple columnar

Classify the epithelia:

stratified squamous

Classify the epithelia: multiple layers of flattened cells at the
apical surface and cube shaped cells at the basal surface:

Alveoli (air sacs) in lungs, etc

Where do you find simple squamous epithelia?

Secretion and absorption

What is the function of simple cuboidal epithelia?

Pseudostratified ciliated columnar

What is the name of the epithelia that appears layered, but is not?

Urinary bladder, ureters, et

Where is transitional epithelia located?c


What is the function of stratified squamous epithelia?


What type of gland secretes hormones?

Goblet and mucus cells

What are the only important unicellular exocrine glands?


What type of exocrine gland uses exocytosis for secretion?

connective tissue proper, cartilage, bone, blood

The 4 classes of connective tissue are:

regular, irregular, and elastic

The 3 types of dense connective tissue proper are

hyaline, fibrocartilage, elastic

The 3 types of cartilage are


What type of cartilage is found in the intervertebral discs?


What type of cartilage is located in the external ear and epiglottis?

Ground substance and protein fibers

What two components make up the extracellular matrix?

collagen, elastic, reticular

Name the 3 types of fibers found in connective tissue:


What type of cell is immature and secretes ground substance and fibers?

Chondroblast, osteoblsst

What type of cell secretes cartilage? secretes bone?

Lymph nodes, spleen, etc

Where is reticular tissue located?

Tendons and ligaments

What is the location of dense regular connective tissue?

Walls of large arteries.

Where is elastic connective tissue found?


Concentric structural units of bone are called

Erythrocyte white blood cell leukocyte

What is the term for a red blood cell?


What type of muscle tissue is voluntary?


What type of muscle tissue is found in the walls of hollow organs?


What type of muscle tissue is multinucleated?


What type of muscle tissue contains intercalated discs?

neurons, neuroglia (or glial cells)

The nervous system contains two categories of cells. The cells that
conduct electrical impulses are _______ and the supporting cells are____________.


What type of membrane lines the digestive and respiratory tracts?

Pleura, pericardium, peritoneum

What are the three types of serous membranes?

Nervous, cardiac muscle

What two types of tissue have virtually no regenerative capacity?


Epithelial tissue, bone, and areolar tissue regenerate