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Why was Jesus taken to the Roman governor, Pontus Pilate, and not
executed by the Sanhedrin?

Under Roman occupation the Sanhedrin were forbidden to pass the
sentence of death. Jesus was therefore taken to Pilate for sentencing

The location in Egypt where a large collection of gnostic manuscripts
was found

Nag hammadi

This gospel presents Jesus as a second Moses and seems to be written
for a Jewish audience


This doctrine teaches that the blood and wine of the Eucharist
actually become the body and blood of Christ.


This work is a collection of writings from church leaders. It is
widely used as the bases of the spiritual life in the Orthodox Church


The Catholic Church responded to the Protestant reformation at the
council of Trent in 1545.
What was the result of this council?

All of above

This gospel was probably the last of the canonical gospels to bee written


The synoptic gospels are

Matthew, mark and luke

This individual was an early leader of the church who argued that the
Old Testament should be excluded from the Christian scripture


According to the gospels, Jesus often taught in parables. What is the
best definition of a parable

A short story meant to illustrate a spiritual truth

What is the name for the Christian celebration of Jesus� resurrection


This monastic order emerged in the 13 century and emphasized ministry
to the poor


In the Christian calendar, the forty days of fasting and repentance
leading up to Easter is known as


The Protestant reformation came up with many differences from
original catholic ideas, which included the priesthood of all
believers. What was the Catholic Church contrast idea to that of the
protestant�s priesthood of all believers

The church�s sole right to interpret scripture

Which of the following was not a belief of the ebonite followers of jesus

A priestly one and a political one ?

Jesus taught primarily through the use of


� gospel� means

Good news

The hypothetical source used by Matthew and luck is known as


� christology� refers to

An attempt to define the nature of jesus and his relationship to god

This early church leader had the greatest influence in shaping the
church�s understanding of jesus


Church court that was established to investigate and suppress heresy
is known as

The inquisition

All Christian bibles contain a section of 27 books known as

The New Testament

All of the following are teachings of Martin Luther except

Seven sacraments

Luther�s understanding of the Eucharist can be described as
consubstantiation. Which statement best defines the concept of consubstantiation

Christ is spiritually resent in the bread and wine

the main teaching of Gnosticism

All matter is evil, and the non-material, spirit-realm is good. There
is an unknowable god, who gave rise to many lesser spirit beings
called aeons. The creator of the universe is not the supreme god, but
an inferior spirit.

A current trend in Christianity that attempts to develop and deepen
its respect for nature and create a sense of duty to care for our
earth is known as

Creation-centered Christianity

This emperor legalized Christianity although he was a worshipper of
the sun god


One of the practices to which Martin Luther objected was the Sell of indulgence.
an indulgence

The action or fact of indulging

The belief that the bread and wine used in the rite of the Eucharist
mysteriously transform into the body and blood of Christ is known as


According to the blood of acts, this event involving the sound of a
whirling wind, tongues of fire, and speaking in a foreign language,
galvanized the Christian movement into action


During the early Middle Ages, what was a major conflict between the
western church and the eastern church

Both b and c

Icons are used extensively in orthodoxy. Which statement best
describes the orthodox understanding of the use of icons

People venerate the images to honor what they repersent

In its attempt to clarify christology, the council of Chalcedon
issued a statement that declares

That Jesus was perfectly divine and perfectly human

The shared meal that was the focus of early Christian worship is called


In the history of Christianity, the year 1054 is important because it
was the year which

The western and eastern churches excommunicated each other

The title �Christ� literally means

Anointed one

What was the name of the Greek translation of the Old Testament that
was used by the early church


Reforms within the Roman Catholic Church during the era of the
Protestant reformation were expressed principally in

The council of trent

The church split into an eastern and a western church because of
disagreements over several issues. Which of the following was not a
point of disagreements between the two sides

The canon of the new testament

In 313 CE the Roman emperor issued the edict of Milan. What was the
purpose of this edict

It legalized Christianity