Chapter 1 in brief

what percentage of all modern day pharmaceutical drugs originate from
plants or herbs?


name a drug that was derived from the bark of the willow tree?


What anti-cancer drugs are derived from the leaves of the foxglove plant?

Digitoxin and digoxin used for cardiac stimulants, used for heart issues.

name 3 things you can do to alleviate negative stress

1) become more assertive and learn to say No
2) become more organised and set regular, attainable goals.
3) Have a massage/ take up yoga, to help relax the body and mind

list 4 illness conditions that may be brought on by stress.

1) over or undereating/ skipping meals
2) drinking alcohol at unhealthy levels
3) write things down, helps to clear the anxieties and fears from
the mind

what am I describing,
a state we experience when there are demands on us that we do not
feel we have the ability to cope with them, sometimes they can be
simulating and we cope well, another time, it could be over whelming
and when it becomes excessive it affects every system in our body