Alteryx 2 (Preparation,Transform,Documentation)

Auto Field
Automatically set the field type for each string field to the
smallest possible size and type that will accommodate the data in each column.


Create or update fields using one or more expressions to perform
a broad variety of calculations and/or operations.

Impute Values
Update specific values in a numeric data field with another
selected value. Useful for replacing NULL() values.

Generate Rows
Create new rows of data. Useful for creating asequence of
numbers, transactions, or dates.

Date Filter
Easily filter data based on a date criteria using a calendar
based interface.

Query records based on an expression to splitdata into two
streams, True (records that satisfy the expression) and False (those
that do not).

Multi Field Binning
Group multiple numeric fields into tiles or bins, especially for
use inpredictive analysis.

Multi Field Formula
Create or update multiple fields using a single expression to
perform a broad variety of calculations and/or operations.

Separate data into two streams, duplicate and unique records,
based on the fields of the user's choosing.

Sort records based on the values in one or more fields .

Limit the data stream to a number, percentage, or random set of records.

Goup data into sets (tiles) based on value ranges in a field.

Multi Row Formula
Create or update a single field using an expression that can
reference fields in subsequent and/or prior rows toperform a
broad variety of calculations and/or operations. Useful for parsing
complex data and creating running totals.

Random % Sample
Generate a random number or percentage of records passing through
the data stream.

Select, deselect, reorder and rename fields, change field type
or size, and assign a description.

Record ID
Assign a unique identifier to each record.

Select Record
Select specific records and/ or ranges of records including
discontinuous ranges. Useful for troubleshooting and sampling.

Add annotation or images to the module canvas to capture notes or
explain processes for later reference.

Explorer Box
Add a web page or Windows Explorer window to your canvas.

Tool Container
Organize tools into a single box which can be collapsed or disabled.

Manually transpose and rearrange fields for presentation purposes.

Count Records
Count the records passing through the data stream. A count of
zero is returned if no records pass through.

Weighted Average
Calculate the weighted average of a set of values where some
records are configured to contribute more than others.

Cross Tab
Pivot the orientation of the data stream so that vertical fields
are on the horizontal axis, summarized wherespecified.

Pivot the orientation of the data stream so that horizontal
fields are on the vertical axis.

Summarize data by grouping, summing, counting, spatial
processing, string concatenation, and much more. The output contains
only the results of the calculation(s).

Running Total
Calculate a cumulative sum per record in a data stream.

Data Cleansing
fixes common data quality issues using a variety of parameters.

Create Samples
splits the input records into two or three random samples. Specify
the percentage of records that are in the estimation and validation
samples, and if the total is less than 100%, the remaining records
fall in the holdout sample.