Tools needed to pass exam?

1. In/Out 2. Preparation 3. Join 4. (some) Parse 5. Transform
6. Documentation - Tool Container

What are the different parts of Alteryx Designer GUI?

How many Tools in In/Out?


Browse (In/Out)

Review your data at any point in the work flow.

Map Input
Manually draw or select map objects (points, lines, and
polygons) to be stored in the module.

Date Time Now
Input the current date and time at module runtime, in a format
of the user�s choosing. (Useful for adding a date-time header to a report.)

XDF Input
This tool enables access to an XDF format file (the format
used by Revolution R.

Output the contents of a data stream to a file or database.

XDF Output
This tool reads an Alteryx data stream into an XDF format
file, the file format used by Revolution R.

Bring data into your module by selecting a file or connecting
to a database (optionally, using a query).

Input a list of file names and attributes from a specified directory.

Text Input
Manually add data which will be stored in the module.

How many tools in Preparation?


How many tools in Join?


How many tools in Parse?


How many tools in Transform?


How many tools in Documentation? Which one needed?

3 - Comment, Explorer Box, Tool Container
need TC

Date Time
Transform date/time data to and from a variety of formats,
including both expression-friendly and human readable formats

Parse, match, or replace data using regular expression syntax.

Text to Columns
Split the text from one field into separate rows or columns.

XML Parse
Read in XML snippets and parse them into individual fields.

Make Group
Assemble pairs of matches into groups based on
theirrelationships. Generally used with the Fuzzy Match tool.

Fuzzy Match
Identify non-identical duplicates in a data stream.

Join Multiple
Combine two or more inputs based on a common field or record
position. In the joined output, each row will contain the data from
each input

Combine two inputs based on a common field or record
position. In the joined output, each row will contain the data from
both inputs.

Household File Matching
Match your customer file to the Experian Consumer View
Household file.

Combine two or more data streams with similar structures
based on field names or positions. In the output, each column will
contain the data from each input.

Consumer View Matching
An updated version of the Household File Matching Tool with
functionality and new matching criteria

Find Replace
Search for data in one field from one data stream and replace
it with a specified field from a different stream. Similar to an

Append Field
Append the fields from a source input to everyrecord of
a target input. Each record of the targetinput will be
duplicated for every record in thesource input.

Business Listing Matching
Match your customer or prospect file to the Dun &
Bradstreet business file.