Exam 5: Late Adulthood

____________________ occurs between the ages of 65 to death. It is
the time of human development in which many signs of aging appear.

Late Adulthood

_________________ are social scientists who study biological,
psychological, and sociological aspects of aging.


The scientific study of old age is called?


____________ is a form of prejudice in which people are categorized
and judged solely on the basis of their chronological age.


__________________ is the rude and condescending way many younger
people talk to the elderly.


They are the largest group in the United States (about 70%) of older
adults. They are usually healthy, active, financially secure and
independent. They range from ages 60-75.


A group which suffers losses in the body, mind, or social support,
although the maintain independence, caring for other people as well as
themselves (about 20%). They range from ages 75-85.


A group who are dependent and at risk for illnesses and injury,
unable to live safely alone (about 10%). They are individuals over the
age of 85.


The ___________________ is a calculation of the number of
self-sufficient, productive adults compared with the number of
dependents (children and the elderly) in a given population.

Dependency Ratio

_________________ is �universal� and �irreversible� signs of aging
that effect all living creatures as they grow older.

Primary Aging

__________________ are specific illnesses or conditions that become
more common with aging and result from poor health habits, genetic
vulnerability, and other influences that vary from person to person.

Secondary Aging

The six risk factors for _______________ were: diabetes, smoking,
abdominal fat, high blood pressure, lack of exercise, and high cholesterol.

Cardiovascular Disease

___________________ impair the body�s absorption of iron, calcium,
and vitamin K.


The practice of limiting dietary energy intake, while still consuming
sufficient quantities of vitamins, minerals, and other important
nutrients, for the purpose of improving health and slowing down the
aging process.

Calorie Restriction

________________ is a shift in proportions of the populations of
various ages


An example of macrosystem compensation would be _______________.


The virtue of old age, according to Erikson is ____________, which
implies wholeness.