Rel 4

This Jewish holiday commemorates the deliverance of the Jews slavery
in Eygpt


The 18th century rabbi who is credited with initiating the Hasidic
movement is Judaism is

Baal Shem Herzl

During the Babylonian exile Carly Judaism became acquainted with the
Persian religion known as Zoroastrianism .
Not part of Zoroastrian belief

The belief in a future messiah

The founder of the modern Zionist movement was

Theodore Herzl

The scholar lived in France during the 11th century and became the
greatest commmentator on the Talmud and Torah


The oral Torah that was finally committed to writing ear the end of
the second century CE is known as

The Mishnah

The largest Jewish group in the United State is


The name of the nation traditionally associated with Judaism is


The supreme god of zorozstrianism was

Acura Mazda

This intention of the British to establish a Jewish state in
palestine is found in

The Balfour declaration

The systematic extermination of the Jews by the nazis is called

Both B and C

The rabbi is credited with editing and compiling the mishnah

Judah the prince

The term � messiah� literally means

The anointed one

Jewish mysticism is known ass


� what is hateful to you, do not do our neighbor; that is the entire
Torah; the rest is commentary go and learn it�


This movement within Judaism is characterized by the central role of tzaddik


Which statement most accurately describes the beliefs of the Sadducee

Emphasized temple worship; did not believe in angels or the resurrection

The group within first century Judaism believed in angels; the
resurrection and the authority of the Torah and the proophets


Judaism may have been influenced by outside views during the diaspora


The group that emerged during the second temple period withdrew from
society to devote themselves to study, purification and the
preparation for the final battle between good and evil


Which city were Jews first forced to live in ghetto


The day of atonement in Judaism is called

Yom Kippur

This movement that began in the 19th century advocated the
establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine


The leader of the Jewish rebellion in 163 BC

Judas Maccabaeus

The Mishnah along with later commentary, storied and discussion is
known as the


� hear, O Israel: the lord your god, the lord is one�

The shem

This group in Judaism in the first century CE advocated the use of
military force to overthrow Roman rule


This religious ceremony marks the point at which a Jewish boy is a
fully responsible remember of Jewish community

Bar mitzvah

The Jewish sabbath begins Saturday night at sunset


The main goal of reconstruction isn�t Judaism is to rebuild the
temple in Jerusalem


This Jewish philosopher of the Middle Ages attempted to combine the
philosophy of Aristotle with religious beliefs


Which institution, belief or religious practice did not emerge during
the Babylonian exile

The temple


Strong emphasis on tradition, authority of the Tanaka and Talmud
services are exclusively in Hebrew


Largest group Judaism as an evolving, open-ended religion. Adopted
worship practices of Christian churches including using the language
of the people in worship


Largest group of Judaism in the United States. Accepts critical study
of religious texts as well as traditional rabbinic interpretations


Movement founded by mordecai Kaplan. Understands Judaism as a
religious civilization