Science Chapter 7 The Moon Flashcards

Escape Velocity

the minimum speed an object must have to free itself from the
gravitational pull of a planet


a push or pull of an object


the amount of matter in an object


the line dividing the lighted side of the moon from the dark side

Why is the moon's shape nearly spherical?

because it rotates slower

what is the metric unit for measuring mass?


what is the metric unit for measuring weight?



made of a lighter material that appears to have been blasted from
within the crater on the moon


a dark, flat, lowland region on the moon's surface


long, narrow, valleys on the moon's surface

what name is given to the round pits on the moon's surface?


according to scripture, for what purpose did God create the moon?

for signs,
for seasons,
for days and years


the moon's point of closest approach


the moon's most distant point of orbit

New Moon

the phase when the moon is positioned in its orbit between the sun
and earth and is not visible because of the sun's glare

Waxing Crescent

occurs during the week following a new moon, when its illuminated
portion appears as a thin, gradually, thickening crescent


a pointed end of a crescent moon


sunlight reflected from the dark side of the moon that was originally
reflected from the earth

First Quarter

the phase when the western half of the moon is lighted and the
eastern half is dark

Waxing Gibus

the phase as it increases between first quarter and full moon

Full Moon

the phase when the moons entire nearside is lighted

Harvest Moon

the full moon nearest the autumnal equinox

Hunters Moon

the next moon after the harvest moon

Waning Gibus

the decreasing phase following a full moon turning into a third quarter

Third Quarter

the phase where the eastern half is lighted and the west is dark

Waning Crescent

the decreasing phase during the last week of the lunar cycle

in what direction relative to the sun do the cusps always point?

away from the sun

Solar Eclipse

occurs only at new moon
happens when the moon comes between the earth and sun

Total Eclipse

occurs when the moon covers the suns entire disk

Partial Eclipse

occurs when the moon only covers part of the suns disk

Annular Eclipse

occurs when a ring shaped portion of the suns disk shows around the moon

Bailys Beads

bright pinpoints of light caused by sunlight shining through valleys
at the moon's edge

Diamond Ring Effect

occurs when there is a last bright sparkling bead along the remaining
thin solar crescent

Lunar Eclipse

occurs when the earth is cutting off light from the sun the normally
reaches the moon

What two theories suggest that the moon at one time was part of the earth?

fission theory
impact theory

what theory suggests at one time he moon was an independent planet
orbiting the sun?

capture theory

which theory suggests that the moon accumulated from a cloud of dust
and gas?

accretion theory