Kira's Egypt Test Flashcards


One family is ruling

The Old Kingdom was known as the


Who united Upper and Lower Egypt?

The Menes/Narmer

The Double Crown consists of

White Part (Upper Egypt)
Red Part (Lower Egypt)


an Egyptian City-State

In the Old Kingdom, Pharoahs were believed to be

Fully God at this time.

What was the purpose of the pyramids?

To be burial places of the pharaohs

Pro's of the Pyramids

Perfected Stone-working
Were very Impressive
The only time when these large scale projects were done

Con's of the Pyramids

Open invitation for grave robbers
Needed a lot of laborers

Why did the Old Kingdom End?

Famine and political competition

Identify Location 1

Lower Egypt

Identify location 2

Upper Egypt

Identify location 3

Red Sea

Identify Location 4

Mediterranean Sea

Identify location 5

Sinai Penninsula

Identify location 6

Thebes(capital of upper)

Identify Location 7

Memphis (capital of lower)

Identify Location 8


How did the Middle Kingdom Start?

Pharoah united the Upper and Lower Egypts again

Identify 3 Accomplishments of the Middle Kingdom

Bringing in Wealth
Exploring the Arts
Building Up Defenses

How was Wealth brought to the Middle Kingdom?

Gold from Nubia
Turquoise from Sinai

How did the Middle Kingdom explore the arts?

Wrote about non-religious things
Carved statues out of a single piece of stone
Pharoahs were seen as more caring

How did the MIddle Kingdom Build up Defenses?

Built up defenses in the South
Built an oasis in Faiyum that increased farm land

Who were the Hyksos and do did they do to Egypt?

They were people from the Bibleland area that invaded or immigrated
Brought the chariot, composite bow, and battle axe (which was
important for future battles in Egypt)

Why was the New Kingdom the best kingdom?

It had the biggest borders
Most wealth
Most stable power
Most small scale building projects

What did Hatshepsut do for Egypt?

A woman who ruled 20 years
Fixed all the trade routes
Made Egypt very wealthy
Building projects-first temple into a mountainside

What did Thutmose III do for Egypt?

Expanded the boundaries of Egypt past Euphrates
Used Hykos military weapons
Impressive military man

What radical thing did Amenhotep IV do in Egypt?

He changed the religion to believe in one god.

Why is King Tutankhamun so famous?

He was the youngest pharoah and he reversed everything Amenhotep did.

What did his tomb teach us about Egypt?

The tombs were able to stay intact and teach about the royal life in Egypt.

What did Ramses II do for Egypt?

He had the largest chariot battle,largest battle in numbers,first
recorded battle in History but he did it himself.

What did Ramses III do for Egypt?

He was the last great pharoah.
Battle with the Sea Peoples

Why did the New Kingdom end?

Debt from war
Labor strike
Tomb raidings
Less than great pharoahs

Why did the ancient egyptian civilization crumble?

The expanded borders opened up to:
Losing economic trade, other countries ruling over you
No progress and rebellion

What are examples of amazing engineering done by the ancient egyptians?

Step pyramid
Bent pyramid
Great pyramid
valley of the Kings

Info about the building of the great pyramid of KHUFU.