Equilibrium Flashcards


maculae are horizontal-head tilt


maculae are vertical-vertical movement

the capula

responds to rotational movement and acceleration

the capula is

located in semicircular ducts that are continuous with the utricle

vestibular ganglia are

first order neurons

axons of vestibular ganglia synapse with

vestibular nuclei (second order neurons)

vestibular nuclei (second order neurons) are located

the brain stem or the cerebellum

the cerebellum and thalamus are

third order neurons

third order neurons send information to the

cerebral cortex from the thalamus

motor neurons travel via the

vestibulospinal tract

the 3 semicircular ducts inside the semicircular canals give us sense of


the semicircular ducts run in three different planes and the names are

(anterior, posterior, lateral)

the saccule and utricle have hair cells clustered in


the otoliths are