Final Prep - Musculoskeletal - Joint Replacement Flashcards


osteoarthritis ankylosing spondylitis RA
avascular necrotitis of femoral head trauma/injury

Pre-Op Care

assess knowledge: consent for surgery, blood transfusion
options med Hx & physical exam post-op
instructions: IS, post-op exercises, & pain control


DVT, HIT (hep-induced) pulmonary embolism
impaired circulation infection fat
embolism dislocation prosthesis loosening

Post-Op Care

VS LOC neuromuscular / circulation
incision & dressing drains IV fluids
I&Os turn q 2hr early mobility
PT SCDs & Ted anticoags PO
fluids diet: high fiber & protein reinforce
discharge instructions referrals as needed

Hip Replacement Post-Op

avoid positions of extreme hip flexion (>90deg), adduction,
& internal rotation possible weight bearing

Non-Pharm Tx

cryo therapy (cold/ice) music relaxation
imagery distraction

Post-Op Meds

ATC pain control: PCA, oral, contin. femoral infusions - knee
surgery anticoagulants (ASA, Rivaroxaban, Coumadin)