Final Prep - Musculoskeletal - Chronic Back Pain (lower back pain) Flashcards

Possible Causes

prior injury chronic strain degenerative or
metabolic disease congenital abnormalities


>3mo. or a repeated incapacitating episode low back
pain radiating to butt & leg inc. pain w/ walking, dec.
pain w/ sitting or bending forward numbness
tingling weakness heaviness in legs &

Spinal Stenosis

narrowing of spinal canal


occurs when disc presses on sciatic nerve
rupture/herniation of lumbar disk leads to LBP radiating down
sciatic nerve into posterior thigh


same as acute LBP Hx & Sx straight leg
raise MRI/CT if trauma or worse


same as acute LBP except addition of antidepressants
(duloxetine) and/or gabapentin minimally invasive Tx
(epidural corticosteroids, analgesia via implanted devices,

Surgical Mgmt

stabilization (vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty)
microdiskectomy decompressive laminectomy spinal
fusion or arthrodesis spinal fusion w/ instrumentation
new tech
(lateral)inter-body fusion X-Stop cyber

Surgical Complications

infection inflammation nerve root injury
dural tears cauda equine syndrome
hematoma non-union/graft failure fat

Nursing Interventions - Surgical Pt

assess neurologic fx, wound, & pain
positioning DVT prevention brace or corset
bowel program psychosocial support