Final Prep - Musculoskeletal - Osteoarthritis Flashcards

Risk Factors

increased age obesity trauma to joints due to
repetitive use


No Dx lab test rule out other Dx MRI /
CT X-Ray (may show osteophytes or subchondrial cysts)


pain & stiffness dec. ROM mild
synovitis crepitus new bone growth in hands
(Herberden's & Bouchard's nodes)

Tx - Non-Pharm

aids & equipment OT referral exercise,
weight loss manual therapy pain mgmt


Tylenol, NSAIDS corticosteroid topical
capsaicin glucosamine chondroitin
antibiotics injection into joint

Surgical Tx

osteotomy arthrodesis total hip
arthroplasty total knee arthroplasty

Nursing Interventions

pain mgmt promote rest, activity, exercise w/
balance weight control if obese apply heat


Acute / Chronic Pain Impaired Physical Mobility
Self-Care Deficit Disturbed Body Image
Knowledge Deficit