Market Analysis Flashcards

Marketing and Competition

The product
will be very easy to use and the ad will demonstrate
This will be
a year-round product. For a year-round product, some may not
be able to afford it once it comes out, so we will give them
a chance to purchase when possible.

Jitterbug is the most known senior citizen phone.
Although, Jitterbug is most known for its flip phones. This
iPhone 60+ would be the first senior smartphone designed to make
their lives, personally, easier.

Customer Profile

Age-senior citizens 60 and older Sex- both male
and female can use Education-minimal
education is needed to use this phone since it has �easy mode�
for everyday use. 2050- 80 million from ages 65 to

iv. Interests-citizens who are interested in keeping up with
the trend of latest technology Attitudes- a positive
willingness to learn about the opportunities iPhone has created to
make senior citizens� lives easier

Company Analysis
The name of the company is an already existing company called
Apple. This company specializes in electronics, such as
phones and computer devices. The company logo is an apple
with a bite taken out of it.


We installed a pill reminder and dispenser right on the
phone. The phone will have a set alarm installed in the phone
when it is purchased. The pill will be dispensed at that
time. If the time of the alarm needs to be changed, a
guardian or caretaker, of the senior citizen can change it with the
last 4 digits of the consumer�s phone number.

That is why we also decided to install a chip tracker to find
any misplaced items. One chip is in the battery of the
phone, the other chip will be placed on a commonly misplaced item,
such as the television remote. When the remote is lost, you
can notify an app on the phone that will make the chip ring.
The ring will sound like such of an alarm clock that will help
find the remote. It works vice versa as well; if the phone
is lost, consumers will be able to find it with the remote

When they feel like their life is threatened, the consumer may
press the button. Immediately after the button is pressed, emergency
services will be notified.

According the Department of Health & Human Services, �An
estimated 17 percent of American adults report having some form of
hearing loss. Nearly half of adults ages 75 years and older have
hearing loss.� As the life expectancy of humans continues
to increase, so will the use of hearing aids. We wanted to
make that senior citizens could communicate and hear clearly when
they are using the phone.