Vitamins Flashcards

Thiamin (B1)

CoenzymeHealthy nerve and Muscle function Normal growth/
development and healthDeficiencies: Beri BeriToxicity: no
UL Sources: Whole grains/ enriched grainsPork

Riboflavin (B2)

CoenzymeHealthy eyes, skin, nails, various membranes including
blood cellsDeficiency: skin, eyes nail membrane problems, no
single diseaseNo ULSources:Whole grains/ enriched grains,
milk, dark greens, liverLight damages vitamins

Niacin (B3)

CoenzymesHealthy nerve tissueLower Cholesterol
Deficiency: Pellagra( very serious, 4 D's disease: Diarhea.
dementia, dermatitus, death)Toxicity: Niacin Flush- abdominal
liver functionSources: Peanuts, whole grains, meat, fish,
poultry (MFP), protein foods

Biotin (B7)

CoenzymeEnergy metabolismFat burningDeficiency:
Rare! Raw egg white may contributeNerve damage, hair
lossSources:Whole grains, egg yolks, SMALL VITAMIN

Pantothenic Acid (B5)

CoenzymeGatekeeper of metabolismDeficiency: Rare- general
failure of the body, depressionSources: Whole grains, egg yolks,
potatoes, tomatoes, broccoli FROM EVERYWHERESMALL

Vitamin B6

Protein vitamin3 forms, coenzyme- protein
metabolismConverts tryptophan into Niacin (B3) Store in
musclesDeficiency: Neurotransmitter formulation
diminishesRapid metabolism areas suffer- skin, cells, nervous
tissue Alcohol destroys, along with INH drug for
tuberculosisToxicity: 100mg/ day. Neurological
issuesSources: Enriched grains, protein foods, fruits and veggies

Folic Acid/ Folate/ Folicin

CoenzymeConverts/ activates B12DNA and new cell
formationprotect against <3 diseaseRDA: higher during
pregnancyDeficiency: Neural tube defects, Spina Bifida,
anacephaly, impaired cell development, anemiaSources: Foliage,
fruits and veggies, legumes, fortified foods

Cobalamin (B12)

Coenzyme, Folate & B12 need each otherDNA, RNA and new cell
formationhealthy nerve and bone formationRDA: 2.4
micrograms/dayDeficiencies: higher chance in strict vegans,
Poor absorption= less HCl acid and less intrinsic factor,
creeping paralysis, anemia, nerve damageSources: animal foods,
fortified soymilk, seafood

Citric Acid (Vitamin C)

Coenzyme, antioxidant, collagen formation (scars, teeth, bones, blood
vessels) Common cold cure? Enhances iron absorptionRDA: Males-
90 mg/ day Females- 75 mg/ day. Smokers add 35 mg/
dayDeficiency: Scurvy- sacrificed blood vessels, bleeding,
wounds won't healToxicity: 2000 mg/ day, nausea, stomach
painsSources: Citrus fruits, melons, berries, liver, potato, peppers

Vitamin D, Sunshine Vitamin

Enhance absorption of minerals from GI tract, bone
formationDeficiency: Rickets disease- bone development in
childrenOsteomalacia & Osteoporosis- bones get brittle and
porousToxicity: Calcium precipitates out into
stonesSources: Sun exposure, fortified milk, egg yolks, oily
fish, organs requires to activate